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Whether boots, ballerinas, chucks or elegant brogues: shoes are not only stressed when they are worn. Because even before the actual use, the footwear is stored, stored away in shops and transported. Manufacturers and shoe brands therefore have to meet many requirements from conception to final use by the wearer. In order to help out in the areas of storage, transport and sales promotion of shoes, we at LESER GmbH Packaging & More deal with the development and production of high-quality shoe boxes. We have been collecting our experience in the field of shoe packaging for many years. Here you can find out everything about our products and services!

High quality shoe boxes

Especially in the area of shoe packaging, we at LESER GmbH Packaging & More have deliberately specialized in the development and production of very high-quality boxes. Means: Basically, we do not produce ordinary folding packaging that you are most likely familiar with from retailers. In our cardboard production facility in southern Germany, we only produce erect, robust boxes that have been finished with cover paper and therefore have a very elegant look and feel. The body of our shoe boxes is mostly made of solid cardboard, but in rare cases also from corrugated cardboard. For us, the best box variant in the shoe box sector has turned out to be the liftoff box.

Our high-quality shoe boxes are therefore not only suitable for selling and transporting boots and sneakers, but are also often a lifelong companion for the shoes in action at the wearers.

Advantages of high quality shoe boxes:

  • Visually appealing: for presentation purposes
  • Promotional packaging
  • Often serve as a lifelong companion to the shoes
  • High quality form of storage
  • Ambassadors for your brand

Recommended formats

In order to cover the most common shoe types and sizes, 5 formats have emerged in our production with which you can optimally sell, store and present your shoes. Below you will find the dimensions, specifications and purchase quantities. The images shown serve only to clarify the formats - information on the individual design of our packaging can be found under the items Finishing & Colors.

Format 1

Due to their low height, our boxes in format 1 are particularly suitable for packing women's shoes: pumps, boots & stilettos.

The body of the cardboard boxes is made of corrugated cardboard.

Dimensions: 280 x 235 x 90 mm; Lid height 75mm.

Format 2

Our shoe boxes in format 2 are suitable due to the rectangular base for high boots up to size EU 38 or for flatter shoes up to size EU 47.

Our shoe packaging in format 2 is made from solid cardboard.

Dimensions: 300 x 240 x 115 mm, Lid height 40 mm.

Format 3

Our shoe boxes in format 3 are particularly suitable for sneakers, trainers or lower boots up to size EU 42, as the base is square. *

The body of this packaging is made of strong solid cardboard.

Dimensions: 275 x 275 x 110 mm; Lid height 90 mm.

Format 4

Our size 4 shoe boxes are slightly wider and slightly longer than the size 3 boxes. Boots up to size 46 can be conveniently packed in them.

The body of this cardboard box is made of solid corrugated cardboard.

Dimensions: 300 x 285 x 100 mm; Lid height 40 mm.

Format 5:

Our size 5 shoe boxes are the largest in our range of recommended formats. They are practically suitable for packing all shoe sizes and types. The aspect ratio is the same as for Format 2, but the dimensions are significantly larger.

The body of our shoe boxes in format 5 is typically made of solid cardboard.

Dimensions: 350 x 280 x 115 mm; Lid height 40 mm.

* Please note that shoe sizes from different manufacturers can differ from one another and our information on the dimensions and the matching shoe sizes are therefore not binding. However, our dimensions are given as the inner dimensions of the boxes. Just check that the dimensions of the boxes match the dimensions of your shoes.

Purchase quantities for recommended formats

We produce all of our recommended shoeboxes in the sizes mentioned according to your requirements from a purchase quantity of 1,000 pieces. The production in our cardboard box production in Lahr in the Black Forest is completely automated to these dimensions. In the pictures shown above you only see suggestions. There are many options available to you when it comes to the design of the cover paper, the colors and any finishing in the form of embossing or digital printing.

Individual shoe boxes

In addition to our previously recommended formats we develop and produce shoeboxes quite individually to your liking. If, in addition to the materials & finishing, you also decide on completely individual dimensions, we can gladly realise your desired project from a purchase quantity of about 1,000 pieces. Simply contact us to discuss our possibilities!


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Colors & coating papers

Especially in the area of shoes, our liftoff boxes have proven to be the most pragmatic form of packaging for us. They are practical and can be produced inexpensively. After the body has been erected and glued, it is covered with a coating paper in the next production step . This creates a particularly classy look for your shoe boxes! According to your taste, you can choose between an almost infinite number of structures and colors - and design your individual shoebox according to your corporate design.

You can find out more about our options in relation to cover papers here: Materials

Refine your individual high-quality shoe boxes with an embossing of your logo!

Embossing & printing process

After choosing the format and the materials from which your shoe boxes are ultimately made, you still have the choice of finishing: embossing, offset printing or digital printing.

If you want to refine your boxes with a high-quality, yet simple touch, different variants of foil embossing or blind embossing have established themselves for shoe brands or manufacturers in particular.

Depending on your requirements, the packaging can also be printed with modern, full-surface digital or offset printing.

You can find inspiration and all the necessary information at: Finishing & Printing


Most of the shoe boxes from our company are used by our customers without any additional inserts. But if you want to protect your high-quality shoes during transport, for example, to show off the shoes to their best advantage in the packaging, or to stuff the shoes yourself to keep them from collapsing, wrapping paper or tissue paper has proven to be a suitable insert.

The filling material SizzlePack is a possible alternative, especially for transport purposes.

A more detailed overview of our various packaging inserts can be found here: Insert variants

Sustainable shoe boxes

Sustainability: A topic that both the fashion industry and us as a responsible packaging manufacturer do not leave unaffected. In addition to the needs of our customers and the prevailing zeitgeist, we are increasingly conscious of our responsibility and are therefore looking for solutions that conserve our resources and represent alternatives to previous products. In the shoe sector in particular, there are more and more labels with sustainable principles and alternative materials: We see eco-shoes made from vegetable leather, components made from organic cotton or the use of recycled plastics.

Since our company certification in 2018, we are now able to produce shoe boxes in accordance to the FSC® guidelines.

Just ask us about our options - we will be happy to help you!

Our FSC® license number is: FSC® C144083.

By the way, we produce all of our shoe boxes in southern Germany! But what do shoe boxes made in Germany actually mean to you?

Purchasing packaging from Germany means you can be sure of short supply chains and thus low CO2 emissions. In addition, the regional sourcing of packaging also means greater delivery reliability and short-term responses to seasonal fluctuations - and on top of that, a clear conscience!

Special shoe boxes

In addition to our classic liftoff packaging, we also have the option of producing high-quality folding packaging or other types of boxes in the area of shoes . However, due to the more specific requirements and the structure of the other variants, the purchase quantity here is often higher than for the aforementioned liftoff boxes. If you are interested, simply contact us using the contact form below!

More questions about shoe boxes

How many shoe boxes fit on a euro pallet?

As you can see, our recommended standard formats of shoeboxes in particular are so different in terms of their dimensions and volumes that this question cannot be answered across the board. A formula to calculate how many boxes of a certain size can fit on one layer of a Euro pallet is as follows:

(Pallet length: carton length) x (pallet width: carton width) = intermediate result number of cartons

Based on the height of the packaging and the knowledge that a common Euro pallet is loaded to a height of 1.80 metres, the number of layers can be determined and multiplied by the intermediate result. The final result is the number of specific packages that fit on a europallet.

How many shoe boxes fit in a container?

Similar to the previous question, the answer to this question cannot be given a general answer and requires an even more comprehensive explanation. However, as long as you know the dimensions of your boxes, the following tool will provide the correct answer: Load calculator.

Where can I buy shoe boxes?

Unfortunately, single shoe boxes are not available in our range. At LESER GmbH Packaging & More, however, we develop and produce shoe boxes according to your individual requirements.

What do the terms "uncovered" and " covered up" mean?

At LESER, we use the terms uncovered and covered up to describe how the shoeboxes leave our production facility and are brought to you on their way. The lidded situation describes shoe boxes whose lid is delivered under the bottom part. In our case, covered up means shoe boxes with the lid on the bottom part - which are thus virtually closed. The background is in the logistics in your warehouses: Lidded boxes do not have to be opened first before they are fitted with the shoes and therefore save you an unnecessary work step.

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