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Whether trendy digital watch or classic noble chronograph - for most of us watches are much more than just time indicators. We combine style, elegance and technical progress with watches - we like to wear them in everyday life and on special occasions. Because for us today, watches are part of our personality and expression. The development and manufacture of elegant timepieces is a precise craft that looks back on a long tradition. Watchmakers and horologists demonstrate sensitivity and technical sophistication in the handling of watches: The first watches were invented in ancient times.

Granted: The tradition of our company does not go back quite that long - nevertheless, we have been developing high-quality watch cases & exclusive watch boxes according to the ideas of our long-standing customers since 1937. In addition to our extensive range of watch packaging, we also develop these individually according to your wishes from a quantity of about 1,000 pieces! Here you will find all important information.

Examples: Watch cases of the company LESER

Watch packaging: Standard models, with logo or completely individual

As a developer and manufacturer of watch packaging, we generally distinguish between 3 options for our customers, which are available for purchase. But which criteria play an important role in the selection of your watch cases? First of all, it is the quantity of cases you need. Because products in our assortment we can of course already sell in much smaller quantities than we are able to produce completely individual watch cases economically. The possible tooling and production costs are particularly important here. In addition to the quantity, the delivery time is also decisive for the choice: goods from our range can be delivered much faster: This gives you the opportunity to start selling the watches in an attractive packaging within a short time. After all, production, consultation and development of individual watch cases take a certain amount of time.

In general, we recommend individual advice from our packaging consultants in the watch segment. They can tell you quantities & possibilities and answer your individual questions. We are looking forward to your inquiries!

Standard models in stock - packaging units from 10 pieces

We already have a wide range of watch packaging made of different materials and for different purposes in our warehouse. For different packaging units, starting from 10 pieces, you can easily buy the watch cases directly in our shop or ask for further information via our contact form.

You can discover the range of watch cases in the LESER-Shop under: watch packaging.

Watch cases with logo: stock models with individual embossing

Of course, we also have the possibility to print your own logo & slogan on all our watch packaging in the assortment. Especially for watch retailers & jewellers this is an excellent opportunity to present your business to the outside world in a sustainable way. Meanwhile, in the field of watch boxes our customers are especially interested in noble gold or silver embossing by means of hot foil stamping. Due to the more flexible working method, pad printing also allows us to apply your logo in places where embossing is not possible. The picture shows a silver foil stamping shown on the LESER-lettering.

You can find out more about our various finishing options on the following page: Print / Finishing.

Production of completely individual watch cases: partially realizable from 500 pieces

The development and production of individual watch packaging is a matter that requires a great deal of consultation, and we would like to give you the best possible support. This is because there are a number of questions to be clarified in advance in order to meet the demands of the watch manufacturers. In the following you will find the answers to three exemplary questions that we ask ourselves before such a project:

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Do you want to buy a specific watch case or request an individual project?

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The cost of an individual watch case

The price factor of the watch case in relation to its production should be considered in several aspects:

  • Does the case present the watch appropriately or does it even enhance it?
  • How high may the proportional costs of the watch case be in relation to the manufacturing costs of the watch?

In order to find out the background behind these questions, we take a look at our customers' requirements for past projects. Of course, the requirements of the companies also differ in terms of their prerequisites and experience: For example, watch startups that finance their first watch developments via crowdfunding platforms such as indiegogo or kickstarter have different values than traditional watch manufacturers. However, the ideas and wishes regarding the appropriate watch packaging are often the same: the watch should appear in the right light, the watch case should offer protection, be a storage place and at the same time emphasize the characteristics of the watch.

Fact is: Especially in this industry, the packaging is an integral part of the product and the first point of contact with the customer upon receipt of the watch. You can offer your customers an additional enhancement through high-quality watch packaging, especially since the packaging here is a lifelong companion of the watches and is not disposed of after the purchase. In order to appreciate the watch craft accordingly, we therefore produce watch cases that meet the requirements of all watchmakers and cover the different price levels.

You see: When asked about the percentage of the cost of a watch case in the product, no one can give a generally valid answer. Of course, in most cases the packaging of a high-priced luxury watch may be a little more expensive than the case of a cheap sports watch. But even with inexpensive watch cases from LESER, price-increasing effects for watches can be achieved.

The materials: watch cases made of wood, cardboard or plastic

The question of the material from which the watch boxes are made must also be decided on the basis of certain characteristics. Because, as with the watches themselves, the materials of the watch cases are also diverse.

  • company values
  • use
  • individual taste of the target group
  • valency

The specific company values are, for example, a point that should never be overlooked when choosing materials. This is where potential lies dormant for conveying these values to the customer at the point of sale (or even already in the web shop). Want an example?

Well-known manufacturers of wooden watches, for example, design their packaging from exactly the same material as the wooden watch is made of. The matching watch cushion made of jute fibre! Important company values such as closeness to nature or sustainability can be conveyed by the appropriate packaging. But more about this later.

The individual taste of the target group should also be taken into account when choosing the material: The packaging of an inexpensive digital watch should probably not be made of noble solid wood, and a plastic case does not fit the trendy wooden watch either. Usage: There are plastic watch cases that fulfil their function as shipping or sales packaging, but there are also wooden watch packaging for passionate lovers and watch collectors. Wooden cases generally radiate a very high value thanks to the natural material, but this can also be achieved by finishing various plastic and cardboard cases. Watch boxes, whose primary function is to protect watches during transport or shipping, for example, fulfil completely different requirements.

However, each material has its specific advantages over the others, which will be explained briefly below:

Fine wooden watch boxes

Wooden watch boxes can be attributed many features: They are high-quality, noble, solid and resistant. However, due to the materials and the delicate workmanship, they are often a little more elaborate to produce than their fellows. High-priced, luxurious specimens can be produced in manufactory even in small quantities. However, production can therefore rarely be automated, which naturally affects production and delivery times compared to cases made of other materials. The value of wooden cases is enormous.

Modern watch packaging based on cardboard

One material we have long specialised in the packaging of many products is cardboard. We manufacture cardboard boxes for watches fully automatically in our cardboard production facility in Lahr in Germany - also in medium and large quantities. This popular material can be used in many ways and is ideally suited for the production of packaging for watches. From cutting the cardboard blank to erecting and gluing to covering, every step is carried out by machine. The special feature of cardboard cases is the separate structure, which makes them so versatile: The body is formed from strong cardboard, which can then be covered with a wide range of different materials. There are therefore almost no limits to the visual design of cardboard watch packaging: from simple, coloured papers of various grammages to fine textured papers and real leather, virtually anything is possible. Thanks to the certification of our company, we can now also produce FSC®-certified watch cases. Just contact us for further information!

Quantities: The production of individual series is possible for us in many cases already from a quantity of 1,000 pieces!

Functional plastic watch cases

Plastic cases also have some advantages over other materials as packaging for watches: They are functional and robust and are produced extremely efficiently in our injection moulding facility in Lahr in Germany. Due to these characteristics and their smaller dimensions, they are suitable for sales as well as for transport or shipping. In view of the relatively high tooling costs, however, individual sizes and shapes can only be realized in relatively large quantities. In really large quantities, however, the production of plastic watch cases is often the fastest and cheapest option compared to the production of packaging made of other materials.

With existing tools, production is already possible in smaller quantities and in this case can be implemented quickly and without complications. Plastic watch cases are therefore mainly suitable for large watch brands that require large quantities. In general, plastic cases also offer the possibility of being coated with other materials. Due to the design possibilities, plastic watch cases are a valuable alternative to wooden or cardboard cases.

Fancy watch boxes made of leather or imitation leather

Watch cases made of leather or imitation leather are actually boxes whose body is made of plastic or cardboard and then covered with leather or imitation leather. In addition to the cover, additional foam padding is often inserted between the cover and the upper part of the case, which enhances the haptics and appearance of the case. In combination with noble, light-coloured seams, the cases are reminiscent of leather watch straps and thus already convey the first signals to collectors and wearers. Due to the noble finish, leather cases often serve as packaging for analogue watches or pilot's watches or are used when travelling.

More information about the advantages and details of the individual materials can be found on our page: materials.

Individual watch case advice

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Wide range of functions of watch cases

Be it for the storage, sale or presentation of watches - as a manufacturer of watch packaging, we have become aware of one thing over time: Especially for watches the packaging is of great importance. But depending on the application, some packaging is more suitable than others. On the way to a suitable, individual watch case, you should ask yourself an important question at the beginning of the project:

Should the watch case merely fulfil its function as a protective environment or even increase the sales value of the watch?

Watch box as protective environment

First and foremost, watch packaging naturally guarantees a protective function for the precious contents. Whether it is during transport from the manufacturer to the watch retailer or for example during shipping in e-commerce. But watch boxes are also used in handling by the end customer - whether at home or while travelling - in their function as protection against environmental influences and damage, thus ensuring the integrity of the case and movement. Watch packaging protects wristwatches against:

  • scratches
  • vibrations
  • liquids
  • misting



Watch packaging for presentation purposes

Besides the safe storage of watches, however, the cases have another important role to play: the appropriate presentation of the watches! A function that is of great importance both in sales and for watch collectors and passionate enthusiasts. In the sales process, the aesthetic symbiosis of watch & packaging is what counts: it conveys the first signals and values to the prospective customer. But exactly these values, which are important for you as a pre-sales salesperson, also count for after-sales & for your end customers. With the right presentation case, you will not only convince at the point of sale, but also provide the right solution for collecting and storing watches in everyday life. Watch collectors are thus given the support they need to adequately present their collector's items!

Especially noble and large presentation packaging made of wood is suitable for sales and exhibition purposes of valuable watches. For collecting and storing watches in the private sphere, watch cabinets and watch winders for automatic watches are also a real alternative. Cardboard boxes and plastic cases are often used as transport cases or shipping packaging for watches due to their smaller size and the nature of the materials. However, it is precisely thanks to the wide range of finishing and coating options that our cardboard cases are also an equivalent alternative in the field of presentation cases.

Sustainable watch boxes: FSC® or bioplastics

We are currently in a period of rethinking: not only in the field of packaging, but also in the industries of our customers. The topics of environmental protection and sustainability are attracting more and more attention from companies and are thus also moving into the central awareness of end customers. Especially in the watch sector, we are increasingly encountering projects by innovative and young watch manufacturers who are committed to these values. For example, there are watches including the corresponding fundraising campaigns on indiegogo, whose watch straps are produced from plastic waste from the sea. Values that can be emphasized especially through the appropriate packaging. Further information about the watch campaign can be found here: Indemand.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers and our own responsibility towards the environment, we at LESER also have a lot to show in the area of sustainable watch packaging. After all, the sustainable use of resources is also close to our heart in the production of watch packaging.

FSC®-certified watch boxes

Since the certification of our company in October 2018 we are also able to produce FSC®-certified watch boxes according to your requirements. The FSC® logo offers consumers the opportunity to choose packaging from sustainable forestry and thus make their contribution to environmental protection. For us, this means complete control of the wood chain from the suppliers' raw materials to the final watch box.

Watch cases made of bioplastics

Furthermore, we are able to manufacture watch cases from the bioplastic PLA. Since 2012, we have been producing the world's first jewellery series in the form of the EARTH series, which is made entirely from vegetable raw materials and can be composted without residue after use. Entirely following the example of nature.

Conveying sustainability through refinement

But you can also use conventional finishing methods to transport values such as sustainability and environmental protection to the outside via the packaging. The choice of materials and coating materials alone can convey the important signals to the consumer. For example, colors such as brown, beige or green appear much more natural than bright neon colors. Digital or offset printing can also be used to apply ideals directly to the watch box and thus communicate them.

Watch case in sustainable design

Das Bild zeigt beispielsweise ein modernes Uhrenetui, wessen Korpus aus Holz gefertigt und anschließend mit einem Überzugspapier in Holzoptik überzogen wurde. Der Deckel wurde mit Leinenpapier veredelt und zum sicheren Halt der Armbanduhr dient ein weißes Baumwollkissen. Ein durch und durch nachhaltiges Design für eine Uhrenverpackung.

Further questions about watch packaging

While many things have already been clarified, there are certainly still some questions regarding our watch cases, some of which we would like to answer in the following. However, if you have further questions, suggestions or an upcoming watch project - just contact us! We will be glad to help you.

How do you store watches?

Besides watch cabinets & watch winders for automatic watches, it is still the classic watch cases which are used for storing the precious pieces. Especially for collectors, watch cases are of great importance when it comes to storing watches as safely and elegantly as possible.

How are the watches in the case kept in place?

Most of our watch packages are equipped with a watch cushion for this purpose, which is enclosed inside the package. The watch is placed around the cushion and thus kept in place safely and padded.

What other accessories are available for watch packaging?

As an alternative to watch cushions, watch clasps or covered watch clasps can also be used to fasten the watch case. However, these are mainly used for watch cabinetry. Foam inserts are also used due to their shock-absorbing effect. Finished watch packaging is delivered after production in sliding cases or outer cartons to prevent external damage and scratches.

Where can you buy watch cases commercially or as a dealer?

You can order watch cases that we already have in our assortment in packaging units in the LESER Online-Shop: Watch cases in the shop. Completely individual projects can be requested via the contact form below.

In which colours do watch boxes exist?

The colours of the watch boxes range from classic, noble natural tones to modern, bright neon colours. Thanks to the many coating and finishing options - especially in the cardboard sector - we are completely flexible in our choice of colours.

For which watches do watch boxes exist?

At LESER we produce watch boxes for almost all pocket watches and wristwatches. Be it digital watches, chronographs, smart watches, sports watches, men's watches or ladies' watches.

Are watch boxes also available in other shapes?

In addition to our watch boxes in cuboid form, we at LESER also carry primarily oblong watch packaging in the form of a bracelet case. These are particularly suitable for packaging watches in their stretched out, unclosed form and thus positioning the strap in a directly visible manner. Especially for the packaging of narrow watches, these noble boxes often represent an excellent alternative.

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