Guide: Shipping jewellery

How do you send jewellery by mail?

The presentation on the web and the sale were successful: The coveted piece of jewellery has found a new owner. But between the successful sale and the reception of the jewellery by the new owner lies another challenge: the dispatch of the jewellery. But how do you actually send jewellery?

Whether commercial or private, when sending jewellery successfully there are some open questions to clarify, which we would like to answer at this point. From the question about a possible insurance, about the shipping costs up to the correct packing of the jewellery - here you will find what you are looking for!

  1. Ship jewellery commercially
  2. Ship jewellery privately

Ship jewellery commercially

Today many jewellers and young jewellery dealers present and sell their jewellery mainly online. But in addition to the modern opportunities that come with it, there are also smaller challenges that have to be overcome.

When sending jewellery for commercial purposes and the associated packaging of precious pieces of jewellery, for example, young jewellers are increasingly faced with questions. In addition to the resulting shipping costs, which can account for a considerable proportion of total costs, it is above all the intactness of the jewellery that worries online retailers.

In the commercial sector in particular, however, there are now various ways of sending jewellery safely and inexpensively. While these all fulfil their purpose, they differ above all in the form of their use and the structure.

Important questions about commercial jewellery shipping

However, some questions should be clarified in advance to help you choose your solution:

  • Should the shipment be insured?
  • How high may the shipping costs for jewellery be?
  • Is it necessary for the recipient to personally accept the jewellery?

Flat jewellery boxes for jewellery shipment

The flat jewellery boxes, which today are available in 4 different sizes and thus for the most common pieces of jewellery, were specially developed for sending jewellery. Due to their very low height, they can be easily packed in air cushion envelopes and thus be shipped!

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The advantages:

  • Save up to 65% on shipping costs
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Saves space & conserves resources
  • Secure jewellery shipping
  • Delivery at any time via the mail slot

Jewellery mailer boxes

The shipping boxes developed especially for the shipping of jewellery are manufactured individually for the respective jewellery cases from a certain quantity. The precisely fitting cardboard inlay holds the jewellery cases in place and thus protects the jewellery from slipping and potential external damage.

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The advantages:

  • Insured shipping possible
  • Luxurious presentation packaging
  • Tailor-made, individual solution
  • Multiple branding possibilities
  • Personal delivery due to the height of the box
  • No damage caused by the mail slot

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Ship jewellery privately

Similar to the commercial solutions for sending jewellery, you need to ask yourself a few important questions when sending jewellery privately:

  • Should your jewellery be shipped insured?
  • How valuable are the jewellery items to be shipped?
  • How high may the shipping costs be?
  • Is a personal acceptance of the recipient necessary?

Send jewellery by large letter

If the jewellery you may have sold in an online auction or simply want to send to an acquaintance is not of particularly high value, you can send it by large letter. Especially for jewellery, air cushion envelopes are suitable, which cushion the jewellery and protect it from external damage.

  • Shipping costs: 1,60 € (February 2022)
  • Maximum height: 2 cm (in Germany)

However, if you do not have any air cushion envelopes at hand, it is advisable to wrap the jewellery carefully with soft kitchen paper or something similar and then pack it together in an envelope. However, it is important to avoid irregular curvatures. This is because they predestine envelopes to be damaged during throw-in or transport and, in the worst case, even to be lost. In addition, irregular curvatures offer the possibility of palpating the jewelry, which exposes the jewelry to an increased risk of theft. Exactly this point is also the biggest deficiency in the jewellery dispatch by large letter: The dispatch is not insured.

Ship jewellery by insured parcel

The situation is completely different when sending jewellery by insured parcel: If the jewellery to be shipped is particularly valuable, be it material or emotional, an insured shipment can always be worthwhile. Because potential theft lurks everywhere: even in parcel centres or during transport. The valuable contents of the parcel are not easily recognisable and therefore not so susceptible to potential theft. If the parcel is still lost during shipment, the contents are insured up to a limit of €500.

For shipping costs of 4.99 € (as of 2021) the liability of the content is up to 500 € inclusive (Germany). (Screenshot: dhl.de)

But even transport insurances are only effective if the shipped goods have been professionally packed. For private individuals, prefabricated mailer boxes are suitable, which are equipped with the jewel case and then filled with suitable filling material and glued. The jewellery should be adequately protected against damage. A crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap is suitable for private use.

Bonus: Mailer boxes from a height of 5 centimetres are only handed over personally to the recipient. Possible damage to the jewellery by throwing it into the mailbox is therefore excluded.

Conclusion: Shipment of jewellery

Whether for commercial or private purposes. Shipping jewellery involves some challenges & risks. However, if you take the most important advice into consideration, this will also become child's play and nothing will stand in the way of a successful online business. Thus the jewellery to be shipped should first and foremost always be packed conscientiously and by the best means. The decision between a pragmatic, cost-effective shipping option and luxurious presentation packaging is ultimately weighed against the factors of possible shipping insurance and shipping costs.


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