With the various possibilities of individualistion a simple box becomes an exclusive box. If you desire a lift-off cardboard box or a folding box, you decide which version is the best for you.
From digital print to embossing, all is possible to fit your corporate design. With us, your packgaging producer, you will find the perfect design.


With hotfoil printing you receive brilliant decorations on plastic, paper and cardborad.
Coloured, as well as shiny golden, silver or chrome effects can be made.
Those prints have a good cover, they are resistant to abrasion and are UV-stable.

  1. Level embossing
  2. Embossing with structure
  3. Relief embossing
  4. Printing in relief high
  5. Printing in relief low
  6. Blind embossing

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Digital print

The procedure of digital printing enables you to realize every form of packaging with your graphics or your pciture.
Make your sales packaging to your brand ambassador with your distinctive corporate design!

Blind embossing


Endless possibilities

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Lidded cardboard box

Inlay options

The most different inlay options stand to you for the choice. Whether it concerns now the easy foamed plastic insert or around handgerfertigte, here you find precise insert, certainly the suitable solution!

  1. Flocked foam inlay
  2. Deep drawer inlay
  3. Paperboard inlay
  4. Flocked fabric
  5. Velvet inlay

Inlay options

Different types of inlays

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