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Digital technologies and electronic solutions have become indispensable in many areas of our everyday lives. While smart homes increasingly enhance our security and improve our quality of life, artificial intelligence enables the automation of processes and machine learning. Interactive language systems such as Alexa and others provide intuitive control of entertainment and information in a previously non-existent form.

But while the symbiosis of conventional and innovative technologies has become standard in many industries today, some areas seem to remain unaffected. With LightPack by LESER we now create the connection between packaging and electronics: Luminous packaging - to show off your products even better! Here you will find some information about application areas & technical details - the possibilities are almost unlimited!

Areas of application: PoS & After Sales

Especially at the point of sale, the attractiveness of the brand is of major importance. This is where most of the selection decisions are already made. Therefore an attractive packaging as an eye-catcher on the shelves is promising for the success of your brand. And what better way to showcase your products than through attractive, luminous packaging? Luminous packaging stands out, evokes associations with the products and provides information about them and your brand values.

Luminous packaging conveys the spirit of innovation and technology. And while our luminous packaging boosts your sales at the point of sale, technology can also bring useful applications, especially after sales. For example, important signals can be given to the customer to demonstrate the application sequence of different products. Especially for packaging in the beauty & cosmetics sector, this often represents a visual complement to the corresponding products.

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The areas of application are therefore diverse and range from perfect presentation on the sales shelf to highlighting various products in the packaging itself. But how does this technology actually work and what can be realized?

The technology: How is the packaging illuminated?

According to the requirements of our customers we realize the luminous packaging together with our partner - using completely different technologies. The various technical solutions range from OLED technology and indirect lighting to standardised lighting elements that are processed in our current cardboard production. Large parts of the electronic units are mostly printed due to their space-saving properties.

Printed electronics? Correctly read! Today, printed electronics are technologies in which complete circuits and electronic components are printed using functional ink. Various conductive compounds on an organic basis serve as the basis. Modern carriers for the circuits are films, textiles or: cardboard - in the form of packaging!

Printed electronics...

In addition to the packaging sector, printed electronics is used in a wide range of applications in the fields of transport, health and many others. The intelligent solutions are used there in the form of security seals or tracking labels. Due to its space-saving properties, printed electronics is also important for presentation and marketing purposes in the packaging industry. In principle, the printing process is similar to conventional printing - complete electronic components such as OLEDs or batteries can be printed in layers and due to their organic nature can basically be disposed of with household waste.

... and placed miniature components

However, printed electronics is not the best solution for every application in the packaging sector. For many individual packages, therefore, even the smallest electronic components can be used, which are placed on flat surfaces by machine and networked with each other by means of printed circuits. Which technology is used for the respective packaging is decided on the basis of economic aspects and technological requirements.

The important thing here is that both the printed electronics and the placed microcomponents can be applied directly to the cardboard. Additional carriers in the form of plastics are therefore often superfluous. Due to their space-saving properties and lightweight construction, the luminous packaging is suitable for series production.

The components at a glance

Below you will find components that we can use in the production of our luminous packaging:


  • Light sensors
  • Touch sensors
  • Switches


  • OLED displays
  • LEDs

Power supply

  • Printed batteries
  • Button cells
  • NFC / Induction

Design options & refinements

Of course, all doors are still open to you when it comes to the individual design and refinement of the illuminated packaging. Because in addition to the illumination of the packaging, our cardboard boxes can still be printed or provided with an individual embossing. Together with our developers you can create the perfect symbiosis of light and print. All information about our various finishing options hot foil stamping, offset printing or digital printing, as well as various sample images can be found at: Print / Finishing..

Potentials: Customer loyalty & brand identity

Luminous packaging is an eye-catcher at the point of sale and puts your products attractively in scene. In addition, however, it has a far greater effect on the customer than that. Because the potential of packaging on the sales shelf to create brand identity is enormous:

It has been proven that the packaging and the associated product are perceived as a unit from the consumer's point of view. According to an FFI study by the market research company K&A Brand-Research, the correlation - and thus also the product repurchase rates - of product & packaging are significantly higher than the correlation of product & advertising. This is a fairly sustainable reason that illustrates the importance of innovative and unique packaging design.

The decision to buy a product is a strongly emotional process, which is particularly encouraged by visual stimuli. Luminous packaging offers a new technology with potential that should not be ignored in the future. There are enormous possibilities for generating increased attention in the course of product launches or special campaigns.

Questions & answers

At what quantities are luminous packaging generally feasible?

Depending on the size of the cardboard box and the technology used, the minimum quantities naturally vary slightly. In general, projects can be realised from about 5.000 to 10.000 pieces.

Which packaging can be equipped with the technology?

At LESER, we realize luminous cardboard boxes - especially lift off boxes & collar boxes. The luminous technology can be placed in the lid or the bottom part and can be used for different purposes. Other types of boxes are also possible - just ask our packaging consultants!

What are the fields of application?

We see potential areas of application especially for particularly high-quality products in the gaming, spirits, cosmetics & beauty industries. However, we are also happy to develop and produce luminous packaging for other industries - just contact us!

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