The PresentBox – a new way to pack banknotes, gift vouchers and other small presents.

Cash and gift vouchers have long been a popular form of present.
To date, these are usually given enclosed in a greetings card or the giver has designed something themselves.
But we now offer a special form of packaging for this kind of gift that comes with a wrap-around banderole on which you can write your own personal message!


How the PresentBox works

Banknotes and voucher card

1. Banknotes/gift voucher

Opened PresentBox

2. Place in the PresentBox 

PresentBox - Banderole

3. Write your message on the banderole

Presenting a PresentBox

4. Ready to give away!

The PresentBox in the two following versions is available straight from stock .

This small-size PresentBox is ideal for banknotes. It allows you to give cash in a simple yet stylish way.
However, this attractive packaging is not just suitable for giving cash; you can also use it as gift packaging for jewellery or souvenirs from your holiday.
Are you organising a wedding or a baptism and are on the search for suitable packaging for gifts to give to the guests? You need look no further than the PresentBox!
Simply put each of your small gifts in a PresentBox and write a suitable individual message on the wrap-around banderols – and your guests will be delighted!

The large-size PresentBox is perfect for all kinds of gift vouchers. In this personalised and attractive packaging, you will be able to give gift vouchers in a stylish form.
The size of this PresentBox is also ideal for other appealing little somethings, such as a present to mark a birth or a piece of jewellery to celebrate a wedding anniversary – there is almost no limit to the gifts that you can pack and give in this way!
Just write your message on the wrap-around banderole and you have a suitably personalised form of gift packaging.


Design your own PresentBox

Presentbox for vouchers and banknotes
Presentbox for vouchers and banknotes
Presentbox for vouchers and banknotes
Presentbox for vouchers and banknotes

If you order 3000 units or more, we can produce your PresentBox to your own specific design.

Please note that the above images represent possible design options only – we will be able to realise your own individual design!

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