Magnetic boxes - space-saving packaging

reusable - also for the retail trade

Magnetic boxes belong to our extraordinary and especially smart packaging. Their high-quality appearance underlines the appearance of your goods and products. In addition, they have a decisive advantage over their peers: they are delivered in a flat form and can therefore also be stowed under the counter in a retail shop! The space-saving solution thus saves transport and storage costs and is therefore ideal for retailers or fashion houses. Due to the high demand, the magnetic boxes are now available in 5 different formats in 6 colors each.

The special features of magnetic boxes

Magnetic boxes are our customers' preferred packaging when it comes to flexible and practicable sales solutions. Because the smart sales talents with magnetic closure are practical in every aspect and yet extremely stylish!

The magnetic boxes are delivered by us in all versions offered in flat, non-installed form. This saves a lot of space, both during transport and at your store - and therefore a lot of money! The packaging has proven its worth in the industry on several occasions. You do the uprighting yourself - it's child's play and is done directly when the goods are packed. Find out more here: install magnetic boxes.

But in addition to this clear advantage, the use of magnetic boxes has a number of other special features that we do not want to withhold from you.


  • reusable
  • long-lasting
  • already in small quantities - starting from 50 pieces (currently not possible!)
  • available in 5 formats & 6 different colors
  • customizable
  • high-quality optics & haptics
  • flat storage saves stowage & storage space
  • flat delivery saves shipping costs
  • foolproof construction

The clever magnetic closure turns the boxes into resealable and thus reusable packaging! Our magnetic boxes are therefore not disposable packaging. Their raison d'être is rather to give your high-quality goods that special touch. The boxes therefore also serve as long-lasting companions for your goods, creating strong branding opportunities for brands and retail stores! Especially in retail shops and in the sale of premium goods, many do not require large quantities of packaging for the time being, so you can purchase magnetic boxes from us in small quantities and still do not have to do without individualisation in the form of hot foil stamping! Thanks to the wide range of formats & colours, you will always find the right box for the most common goods. Magnetic boxes are the flexible solution for different areas and different articles! The noble appearance of the magnetic boxes is supported by a high-quality haptic in handling: The exclusive closing of the boxes with the help of the magnets.

Our magnetic boxes are therefore exactly the right packaging solution for the retail trade: space-saving, resource-saving & reusable! In addition, they can score with an extremely stylish appearance.

The installation of our magnetic boxes

By the way, setting up our magnet boxes is very easy! Practical, flat & quick to use - 4 self-adhesive surfaces allow use without previous knowledge or practice. The pictures show the necessary steps when uprighting the boxes, it goes by the way just as fast as it looks! Remove the adhesive covers, mount, done!

Remove the adhesive cover of the self-adhesive surfaces

1. remove adhesive coverings

In the first step, the coverings of the self-adhesive surfaces are removed.

Magnetic box - Installation of the side walls

2. mount side walls

Then the outer side walls of the magnetic boxes are lifted - the boxes practically mount themselves!

Continue to erect the magnetic box and press on the adhesive surfaces

3. applying pressure to the adhesive surfaces

When further mounting the side walls, it is important to press the front and rear walls against the adhesive surfaces.

The magnetic box in upright form - robust and stable

4. installed magnetic box

Thanks to the 4 self-adhesive surfaces, the upright magnetic boxes are elegant yet extremely stable.

What formats are available?

Currently we have 5 formats of magnetic boxes in stock. Thanks to the wide range of formats, you can find the right box for the most diverse goods. The volume of the boxes ranges from the smallest with 1.218 litres to the largest with 13.86 litres - below you will discover all models and dimensions:

format 1: 140x145x60 mm - Volume: 1,218 Liter

Due to its dimensions, the smallest magnetic box is particularly suitable as packaging for jewellery, watches or accessories. If you are looking for further packaging for jewellery, you will find it here: Jewellery packaging.

Unit prices: 1000pieces: 4,12€ *

format 2: 230x230x110 mm - Volume: 5.819 litres

Thanks to its dimensions, this magnetic box is ideal for selling clothes and fashion. However, it can also be used as sales packaging for other retail products. The space-saving packaging can be stowed practically anywhere without taking up much space.

Unit prices: 1000pieces: 2,94€ *

format 3: 325x105x100 mm - volume: 3,4125 litres

The format is particularly suitable for one thing: the packaging of wine bottles and spirits. The packaging can also be used as a noble packaging for umbrellas.

Unit prices: 1000pieces: 6,52€ *

format 4: 350x250x100 mm - volume: 8,75 litres

The larger magnetic boxes are particularly suitable as exclusive packaging for complete product packages in fashion stores or the like.

Unit prices: 1000pcs: 3,40€ *

format 5: 420x330x100 mm - Volume: 13.86 litres - Print only on request

Our largest version in the field of magnetic boxes is basically the same as the one mentioned above - just a little bigger! Similar to the fashion boxes from the internet, it is suitable not only for retail but also for mail order and e-commerce.

unit prices: 1000pieces: 7,93€ *

* Our products are exclusively aimed at commercial customers. The prices are quoted ex works. The stated dimensions of our boxes are internal dimensions.

Printing & embossing on request!

Embossing per box: 0,75 € | Digital print on request

Material, colors & coatings

Besides our other assortment, magnetic boxes are real exotics. Because they captivate with some special features that make them perfect for the sales area.


Thanks to the use of 4 self-adhesive surfaces and the combination of the basic material of 1200g/sqm thick cardboard, they are well prepared for the sales requirements. Because these stylish sales talents are extremely robust!


In addition to the 6 different colors, you also have the choice between 2 fundamentally different coating papers, both of which have their very own advantages.

The space-saving packaging in the colors gold, silver and red is covered with elegant glossy paper. The glossy paper is a very smooth material that reflects the surface and is therefore particularly suitable for fashion and cosmetics.

The magnetic boxes in brown, black and white are coated with natural kraft paper. Kraft paper is the rougher alternative to the glossy version that is often in demand and stands for the topic of sustainability. A topic that is becoming increasingly important and, especially in the packaging sector, fits in with the zeitgeist of the target group.

The colors of our magnetic boxes


gold gloss laminated


silver gloss laminated


red gloss laminated


brown kraft paper


white kraft paper


black kraft paper

All 5 formats of the magnetic boxes are available in all 6 colours!

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Further information on the use of magnetic boxes

Basically, there are hardly any obstacles when using our magnetic boxes. Due to the wide range of different formats, they are suitable for many products and sectors. They are particularly suitable for the fashion sector - and the retail trade in general - due to their space-saving function and high-quality appearance. They are also used, for example, as cake packaging or packaging for wine bottles or spirits.

The magnet box is one of the higher quality premium packaging because it can be used several times and is extremely robust. The magnets are set into the front part of the box in a noble and discreet way and are therefore of course invisible.

However, the magnetic boxes cannot be printed over their entire surface in small quantities due to their structure. We can, however, emboss the front or lid with hot foil for you. You can find more information about embossing under: Finishing. Prices: cliché: on request - Embossing per box: 0,75 €

Update 2020: Meanwhile we have the possibility to finish the magnetic boxes with a full-surface digital print . From a quantity of 300 pieces this will be interesting for you - prices on request!


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