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In our packaging range we also offer mailer boxes in various shapes and sizes. Many of our customers use them in combination with a discreet branding for packing and shipping clothes and accessories. However, our corrugated cardboard packaging solutions are also frequently used as shipping cartons for jewellery. The light and stable cellulose product is ideal for this purpose due to its composition. As mailer boxes, we currently offer the cardboard in the form of an E flute in 5 different sizes. Afterwards you will learn more about our corrugated board products, the material and the potential of the clever packaging solutions.

Shipping boxes in five different formats

The processed corrugated board in the E flute version is white on the outside and brown on the inside and has a material strength of 1.5 millimetres. The boxes are offered in 5 different formats. Below you will find the corresponding dimensions & volumes.

Size 1: The die-cut folding packaging with an additional flap measures 242x133x67 mm (WxDxH) and has a volume of 2.16 litres. – Version A

Size 2: The folding packaging in the dimensions of 242x184x93 mm (WxDxH) and a volume of 4.14 litres is the largest of our shipping packages. - Version A

Size 3: The flat shipping package measures 243x160x50 mm (WxDxH) and has a volume of 1.94 litres. - Version B

Size 4: The shipping carton measures 276x153x86 mm (WxDxH) and has a volume of 3.63 litres. - Version A

Size 5: The flat 315x240x45 mm (WxDxH) folding package with a volume of 3.4 litres was specially designed for shipping by mail as a maxi letter. It has a reduced height of only 45 millimetres and fits into any standard letter flap. - Version B

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Basic cuts, properties & Fefco codes

All the punched parts of the shipping cartons, which you can buy from us in small quantities, are in principle based on one of the following two basic cuts, which, however, differ fundamentally from each other. Therefore, you will find the designations "Version A" or "Version B" behind the previous size specifications.

Version A

Construction with additionally reinforced rear wall, fitted one on top of the other

Version B

Construction with foldable, double side walls

While construction A has a double rear wall, of which the interior consists of 2 lateral parts, which are plugged on top of each other and thus connected, version B is fundamentally different in construction. This construction has double side walls which are folded over the side flap of the front wall and thus provide the mailer box with a stronger hold. The big difference between the two versions lies in the requirements placed on the folding boxes: The higher side walls of construction A are additionally supported by the interconnected rear wall parts. The double side walls of construction B provide a secure hold for the rear and front walls and give the flatter shipping cartons increased stability.

Did you know? FEFCO codes! The European associations of corrugated board manufacturers have introduced an internationally valid code for the description of corrugated board packaging. These are recorded in a comprehensive catalogue by systematically describing the structure and shape of the boxes. Above all, the codes are used for consistent communication in industry.

The design and construction of our shipping carton in size 3, for example, are recorded in the international FEFCO code 0421. This is illustrated in the picture on the left.

Compared to version A, version B saves some material, but this is due to the additional stability due to the height of the side walls. In principle, both variants are cut to size during production in such a way that the mailer boxes are produced as free of excess material as possible, thus saving resources.

Due to the different basic cuts, there is a wide variety of properties and applications for our shipping cartons. The additional flap for sizes 1-4 serves as an additional safety feature when closing the cartons, for example, if they are not additionally taped and carried upside down. Due to the additional flap, the folding boxes can be opened and closed as easily as possible, which also qualifies the mailer boxes as a suitable means of return shipping.

Finishing: individual hot foil stamping

Since our solutions made of corrugated cardboard - both as shipping carton and as chic outer packaging for jewelry boxes - also serve you as a marketing tool, we offer you elegant branding possibilities for this!

Our shipping cartons in particular offer the various possibilities of hot foil stamping. The picture shows, for example, a shipping box with silver foil embossing in the LESER lettering, which can alternatively also be provided with gold foil embossing. A very noble solution, which is especially used by our customers in the fashion and cosmetics sector to emphasize the values of the brand. In addition to lettering, more filigree logos and claims can also be displayed using our embossing options. You can discover all our possibilities below: Finishing.

Ask also about our possibilities in pad printing!

Potentials of the mailer boxes

But in addition to their directly visible transport functions, mailer boxes are much more than just shipping packaging. This was also revealed by a study conducted by the FOM University as part of a bachelor's thesis.

The subject of the investigation was the customers' buying intention, for the purpose of which a specially developed, multisensory packaging was designed for a fictitious online tea supplier. The aim of the packaging, in turn, was to make unboxing a real experience and to achieve a higher purchase intention on the part of the customer: already in the web shop!

According to the study, besides the characteristics we have mentioned so far (safe transport, as sustainable as possible, suitable for returns), mailer boxes are above all one thing: a versatile marketing tool! Thanks to the branding possibilities, shipping cartons can generate higher brand awareness, lead to positive emotions & a positive brand evaluation and therefore increase the repurchase rates.

The use of personalized mailer boxes:

  • increases brand awareness
  • conveys positive emotions
  • promotes brand valuation
  • increases repurchase rates

On the basis of the findings of the study, the following assumption can also be inferred: By using different branding possibilities for the shipping cartons, parts of different budgets can be saved in the area of marketing & advertising! Multipliers such as reviews in social networks should not be disregarded either. Reason enough, therefore, not to use the shipping packaging as a bare box: The first step is to print the logo or claim!

Mailer boxes for shipping fashion & accessories

Especially in the fashion industry, the boxes are suitable as an all-round solution. The corrugated cardboard packaging serves as simple product packaging that emphasizes brand values and can be provided with a noble branding in the form of a logo or lettering. In addition, they also serve as perfect shipping packaging for clothing and accessories. In combination with a branding they are the perfect, simple brand packaging!

Mailer boxes for jewellery - elegant white

We have also drawn these conclusions over the years and have been able to apply them further to the jewellery sector. Due to its properties, corrugated board is ideally suited as a precisely fitting outer packaging for jewellery boxes and at the same time as their shipping carton! With the help of individually made cardboard inlays, your jewellery box is embedded in the shipping carton. Beside a very high-quality handling these guarantee security on the dispatch way and prevent unintentional displacement. In the jewellery sector, however, we like to resort to a rather exotic & very noble version in the corrugated board sector: the double-sided white corrugated board!

Due to the noble, white surfaces, it is ideal for this application. On request, we can also design custom-fit outer packaging for jewelry cases in the conventional white-brown or black-black version. The noble outer packaging, whose cardboard inserts are manufactured individually for the respective jewellery cases, does not only fulfil the task as a practical shipping packaging.

Much more important is their function as perfect presentation packaging, which is of great importance when receiving and unpacking jewellery boxes.

Examples of individual mailer boxes for jewellery

Mailer box for FRAME as jewellery box

Outer packaging & mailer box for the FRAME as jewellery box

Mailer box as outer packaging for jewellery

Mailer box for a ring case of our assortment and FRAME

Mailer box for shipping individual jewellery boxes

Mailer box for individual jewelry cases - minimum quantities on request

Positive emotional experiences manifest themselves during unpacking and are transferred to your jewellery and your brand. Because the celebration of the experience when unpacking jewellery today is a central component of the ceremony for many. The unpacking experience is at the forefront of this presentation ceremony and is becoming more and more important in our time. "Unboxing" is the name of the social phenomenon that shows young people in videos, unpacking products and capturing their emotions and thoughts. A trend that illustrates the importance of perfect packaging. And this is just as precious to us as your jewellery!

In the complete customer process, the elements of positive experiences, surprise and positive brand evaluation also come to bear. We are happy to provide the lid of the outer packaging for your jewellery with your individual embossing.

In addition, the outer packaging can also be used as gift packaging if the jewellery is passed on as a gift. The outer packaging for jewellery packaging thus fulfils many purposes in one product - and cuts an incredibly good figure! Thus it is suitable as perfect solution for online jewelers & young startups in this range.

Further information & solutions for shipping jewellery can be found here: Shipping jewellery.

You can discover individual jewellery boxes & our range of jewellery packaging below: Jewellery packaging.

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