A family company with a long tradition

Today, the company is being managed by Jochen and Ralf Leser, both of whom represent the 4th generation.
They can proudly look back on the past 85 years of a successful company history.

Leser GmbH - altes Firmengebäude


On 1 July 1937, Fritz Leser, Senior, founded the company Leser on the premises of a cardboard factory in the Hansastraße in Lahr.
The production included cardboard and wood packaging to hold watches, jewellery and gifts.

Leser_GmbH - 2. Generation

1953: The 2nd generation

Fritz Leser, Senior, died in 1953. His son, Fritz Leser continued to successfully manage the company with a staff of 140 employees and 30 outworkers. The company also gained ground on the export markets.

Leser_GmbH - 3. Generation

1975 The 3rd generation

Fritz Leser transfers the company to both his sons. Wolfgang Leser takes on the management of the business unit. Winfried Leser assumes the mantle of responsibility for the technical field. 

Leser GmbH - Retsch Logo

1979 Acquisition of Max Retsch Nachf. GmbH

In 1979, Max Retsch Nachf. GmbH from Pforzheim, Unterreichenbach, was acquired.

Leser GmbH - neues Firmengebäude

1986 Company relocation

In 1986, the company relocated from Hansastraße to the industrial area of Lahr West. The new company premises extend to 18,500 m², which includes 5,200 m² of building structures.

Leser GmbH - Firmenanbau

1991 Company expansion

The company was expanded through new buildings, extending over an area of 3,000 m².

Leser GmbH - Ralf Leser und Jochen Leser

1996-2000 The 4th generation

1.7.1996: Wolfgang Leser hands over his position of managing director of sales to his son Jochen Leser.

1.7.2000: Ralf Leser takes over from his uncle, Winfried Leser, his position of managing director of the technical unit. The company has about 150 employees at this point in time.

Leser GmbH - Warner Logo

2004 Transatlantic cooperation

Leser GmbH enters into a cooperation with a U.S. company known as Warner. The merger of both companies is a significant step to meet the increasing requirements of the global market.

Leser GmbH - neuer Markenauftritt

2005 New brand identity

Leser refurbishes its image.

Leser GmbH - 70 Jahre

2007 Packaging and more since 1937

On 1 July, Leser celebrated its 70th anniversary. The production now knows no limits and includes packaging made of different materials in diverse colours and forms.

Leser GmbH - Back at home

2012 Expansion of the machinery

In 2012, the production branch of the cardboard packaging boxes is brought back to Lahr. Flexibility in production and quicker delivery capacity were the two decisive points for this decision. 

Leser GmbH - neue Website

2017 New web presence

Total revamping of Leser’s webpage. Adapted to demonstrate the latest technical innovations.