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Gift boxes directly from the manufacturer LESER

Optimal and original packaging is an integral part of individual gifts. In various formats, they can be filled with a wide variety of gift items to suit your heart's desire and the occasion and ensure excitement, fun and surprise when unwrapped. Because the gift boxes are above all one thing: the mediator of positive emotional moments! The high-quality cardboard boxes are suitable for a variety of products from the most diverse areas and leave plenty of room for individual design. Especially in retail and subscription commerce, gift boxes are the perfect packaging solution! Find out why here!

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Where can you buy gift boxes?

LESER gift boxes -
available in small quantities in the standard range

Gift boxes in small quantities are currently available from LESER in 2 variants - and from a quantity of 60 pieces! The square gift box with the dimensions 180x180x65 mm (WxDxH) and a lid height of 20mm is our practical all-rounder in the field of gift boxes. Because the format has proven itself for the most common gift ideas and theme gifts! With a volume of 2.1 litres, the gift box is suitable for books, CDs, hearty treats, sweets or mixtures of all that and is available in black and white.

Unit prices: 60 pieces: 4.08€ - 120 pieces: 3.51€ - 300 pieces: 2.92€ - 600 pieces: 2.77€ - 1000 pieces: 2.55€ *

The black, square gift box is based on the same structure as the previously mentioned white one. Therefore it has the same dimensions: 180x180x65 mm (WxDxH) and a lid height of 20mm. In addition to the colours black and white, you can also order our square gift boxes in various colour combinations: Lower part in white / upper part in black or lower part in black and upper part in white.

Unit prices: 60 pieces: 4.08€ - 120 pieces: 3.51€ - 300 pieces: 2.92€ - 600 pieces: 2.77€ - 1000 pieces: 2.55€ *

You can find many more small quantities of packaging here: Startup-Package

* Our available gift boxes, which you can already buy in small quantities, are delivered without decoration and bow. Our offer is aimed exclusively at commercial customers. The prices in our offer are subject to change ex works.

Set-up costs: 45€

Cliché costs / Embossing: upon request

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Cardboard box with high lid
- a particularly noble and stable construction

This versatile box impresses with its particularly attractive appearance and high-quality workmanship. The smart box offers a variety of design options and is super practical to use. Almost completely enclosed by the high lid, the box is closed tightly and securely. This makes it particularly robust and offers additional protection for the contents. The exclusive cardboard box is available in different formats. It is ideally suited for a variety of products from different subject areas.

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Smart magnetic boxes
- a refined and space-saving gift packaging

If you are looking for a particularly sophisticated, space-saving gift packaging, our smart folding cardboard boxes will convince you. Practical and space-saving to store in the flat folding format, they offer a high-quality and extremely stable packaging alternative in the built-up form. Marvel at the innovative design of our high-quality magnetic boxes.

Christmas packaging of a special kind

Once developed as packaging for long-playing records, the LP box offers a welcome packaging alternative for diverse products from a wide range of industries. Even items from completely opposite subject areas can be optimally packaged and attractively presented in it. For example, the smart box can also be used as festive Christmas packaging to package an item or a selection of products as a Christmas gift. The gift packaging with discreet Christmas motifs looks particularly elegant.

Modern Christmas packaging with a discreet motif

Christmas motif: Christmas tree with stars - modern and creative

Noble Christmas box with festive motif

Timeless festive motif: Christmas bauble

Quality seal of the LESER company with production site in Germany

The high-quality LP boxes are produced directly at our site in Germany. 


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Universal gift cardboard box

Universal format (317x317x65 mm)

High-quality cardboard box with fllocked and individually punched foam inlay

On request, with a foam inlay that is free-locked and individually die-cut

Universal gift box in black

Available in black and white in the standard range

The extra-high lid not only looks chic - it contributes to the super-sturdy construction, but also leaves plenty of scope for implementing your own corporate design and for individual design. The high-quality and versatile cardboard box is available in white and black in our standard range. However, if you would like an eye-catching gift box that particularly emphasises the individuality of your product and brand, you also have many options for creating your own design with this great format. Contact us for a consultation!

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Self-promotion with the high-quality Christmas gift box from LESER

Are you looking for high-quality festive Christmas packaging for your specialities and delicatessen products? Are you looking for a suitable cardboard box to package Christmas presents attractively and festively and to market them successfully?

The festive Christmas gift box from LESER can be used for your own product selection, business idea and self-marketing. Our high-quality cardboard boxes lend themselves as festive Christmas packaging for a wide variety of industries.

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Our festive gift box is robust and noble at the same time, so that it can be used universally. The Christmas packaging is processed to a high standard and adequately protects the contents. Thanks to their optimal format, they offer enough space for a wide variety of products

  • Delicatessen specialities
  • Wine and spirits
  • Decorative articles
  • Fashion & textiles
  • Leather goods
  • Cosmetic products


The dimensions of our Christmas gift box: 350 x 280 x 115 mm
PS: Please note that you will receive our gift box without contents and filling material!

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The PresentBox is the smart gift box for cash gifts and for giving away vouchers.

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Have gift boxes made individually

Already in quantities starting from 1000 pieces we manufacture gift boxes also completely individually! There are hardly any limits to the design of the gift boxes. Also subscription boxes in the same sizes can be refined every month with exclusive digital printing or fancy cover paper. We produce medium to large quantities fully automatically in our cardboard production in Germany. This way we can design the gift boxes completely according to your wishes and directly deliver the motto to the appropriate occasion:

gift boxes for:

  • birthday
  • pregnancy
  • mother's day
  • birth
  • valentine's day
  • easter
  • confirmation
  • wedding

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Gift boxes in subscription commerce & e-commerce: mysterious boxes

Our individual gift boxes are particularly suitable for our customers in the area of subscription commerce and e-commerce. They often require a new motto for each shipment and thus an individual box. Because the design and printing of the box should of course match the theme and content of the box. Therefore our customers in the field of subscription commerce can rely on our experience in the industry and let us develop their gift boxes in an uncomplicated way. In addition to the development and design of individual gift boxes, our expertise in shipping logistics and packaging is also of particular value.

But what is subscription commerce anyway?

Subscription commerce is an original trend from the USA that has been developing in Germany since the beginning of the 2000s. As the terms already suggest, customers are sent gift boxes with thematic content at certain intervals in this subscription. Subscription boxes are always physical packages of goods. These subscription boxes exist today in the most diverse sectors and thus cover the most diverse products. Basically one differentiates here between 2 variants of subscription boxes. The first subscription models always deliver the same products at regular intervals, because the customer uses them on a regular basis anyway. A service that Amazon also offers today with subscriptions for consumables such as razor blades.

The second variant of subscription boxes are models that offer new products for a specific industry. A well-known example is the GlossyBox, which sends beauty & cosmetic products to predominantly female customers at monthly intervals. In the case of classic food boxes, on the other hand, these are foods from different manufacturers that can be combined to create a delicious menu. This second option is mainly used to discover and advertise new products that customers might otherwise not have heard of themselves. The contents of the boxes are either products of the companies themselves or thematically appropriate contents of other companies. In the latter case, the value of the subscription box and its contents is often higher than the subscription costs for marketing reasons.

Fascination Subscription Box: emotional experiences & branding opportunities

But the different models of subscription boxes have one thing in common: the fascination of the subscribers! Because secret and surprise are the most important factors of the business model. In addition to the anticipation of the new products, it is also the boxes themselves that surprise customers with their constantly new design. The phenomenon of the subscription box is therefore not primarily about the content of the boxes, but also about the gift box itself - the feeling, the experience, the adventure and the anticipation!

Because every subscriber knows one thing exactly: the delivery date of the subscription boxes. And the delivery is followed by the exciting unpacking experience. The overall experience is designed according to the motto of the subscription box - the box has to be convincing and in the best case it has to fit the topic and the content in such a way that the emotions are transported by it and the box may later be used to store the content. The best comparison is a game box or a film box: The games & films are stored in it and the gift boxes are thus used practically for eternity. In addition to the emotional connection and the memorable value, high-quality gift boxes also offer targeted branding possibilities. This is because the subscription boxes are perceived by other potential customers of the target group!

The unique decision of the customer to a lasting purchase relationship is sufficient for long-term customer loyalty. The individual decision criteria are customer-specific intervals, products and delivery times. The product range in subscription commerce is almost limitless.

Subscription boxes at a glance: Industries & Products

Today, many of the successful subscription commerce companies are in the nutrition and beauty sectors. Especially in the nutrition sector, the leading companies have found clever solutions for their customers. The boxes are thematic combinations of recipes, ingredients and information and come straight to the customer's home. They are ideal for those who do not like cooking or who are nutritionally conscious and simply do not have the necessary time resources for continuous purchasing and information intake in the area. However, this also illustrates the solution approach of many subscription boxes in general: To give pleasure & to relieve the work from the everyday life a little bit. In the beauty sector, one international example deserves special mention: the BirchBox. A very successful subscription commerce, which was founded by 2 young women and sends out monthly subscription boxes with 4 to 5 make-up samples. Especially with regard to the target group and industry, this is an example which shows the enormous market potential of the boxes. Because the subscription commerce serves as an important mediator between target group and cosmetic enterprises and their products and thus provides important aspects in marketing.

The largest industries in subscription commerce

  • fashion
  • beauty
  • lifestyle
  • (organic) food
  • garments
  • eco-products
  • pets
  • children
  • crafts & activities

But in addition to the large industries, there are also a number of other gift boxes in subscription commerce. Among them are also very successful models in niches. Not in vain there are web pages such as www.cratejoy.com, which take care of the topic and describe the subscription boxes and their contents meticulously.

Niche boxes next to the big industries

  • dog food boxes
  • geek boxes
  • horse boxes
  • perfume boxes
  • men's boxes
  • children's toy boxes
  • protein boxes
  • sports boxes
  • women's boxes
  • eco boxes
  • game boxes
  • vegan boxes

The invention of the subscription is, of course, nothing entirely new and has already been widespread in magazines for many decades. With the marketing and distribution possibilities of the Internet, however, the history of subscriptions has been completely revolutionized. These possibilities and the beginnings of e-commerce, with pioneers like Amazon and eBay, gradually paved the way for subscription boxes. But with the opportunities and the increasing demand, the challenges and demands for subscription e-commerce companies are naturally growing.

Gift boxes and subscription boxes - services: LESER as manufacturer & service provider

Due to the fixed intervals and the subscription fee, subscribers' expectations of companies in the sector are naturally high. In addition to on-schedule and smooth production of subscription boxes, we also offer companies services in the field of dispatch logistics and packaging.

As a manufacturer, developer and service provider in the sector of subscription boxes and gift boxes, we have now gathered many years of experience and therefore cover the complete range of services. Particularly in large quantities we produce subscription boxes and cardboard boxes in our cardboard production at our location in Germany fully automatically and without complications, because we have specialized in this for years. The development of the gift boxes and the design of the constantly changing designs are carried out by us in close cooperation with our customers. You can discover a selection of the various finishing and design options at: Finishing / Imprinting.

Especially in the area of gift boxes and subscription boxes, our customers continue to appreciate our many years of experience in shipping logistics and packaging. Directly in the production line we take over the equipping or equipment of your boxes and bring them afterwards directly on the dispatch way to your end customers. In this way, we guarantee complication-free and punctual processes without unnecessary detours. Find out more here: Contract manufacturing.

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Gift boxes as vehicles of positive emotions: the unboxing experience

And especially with gift boxes, two things are extremely important: the moment of handing over and the unboxing experience. Because gift boxes are nowadays perceived directly as vehicles of positive emotions - they immediately signal to the recipient that the gift is about to be received. The gift box is - even before the products - the first point of contact with the recipient and thus an essential component of the gift. Therefore these should cut an extremely good figure and transport the correct impressions. Anticipation and excitement are two important elements when giving and receiving presents.

Unboxing: the ultimate unpacking experience

And after this anticipation the big moment has finally arrived: the unboxing. Because the unpacking experience is also a factor not to be underestimated for gift boxes, as a small excursion into social media and YouTube reveals. This is where the viral phenomenon originated. Unboxing usually shows young people filming themselves unpacking gift boxes or products and capturing all their details, emotions and thoughts. In particular, it is about recording the special moment, the first contact with the product and the associated joy. A trend that evolved in a certain YouTube segment and later spread in such a way that today it is virtually omnipresent. Currently, the entire YouTube industry is concerned with the phenomenon and the opportunities it has created. Companies from a wide range of industries have recognised the potential of unboxing videos and are using them to promote their target groups. A lucrative sector for companies from this marketing point of view. And not only that! Because also many influencers earn their money today with these entertaining videos. Information and first impressions are transmitted directly to the consumer in the living room.

Giftboxes-Unboxing: emotional moments & memories

Even if you are wondering what all this has to do with our gift boxes, the social phenomenon of unboxing clearly shows one thing: the collective fascination of unpacking gifts and products and the joy of observing it. The unpacking experience is a special moment full of positive emotions and anticipation, even with gift boxes. Gift boxes are part of the experience and are associated with the special moments for a long time. The experience of unpacking also works in normal life away from YouTube videos. Giving gives people fulfilment - gifts strengthen the community and create closeness. We like to give gifts to our friends, family or acquaintances - and we are happy when they are happy about it. Because here it is not only the gift that counts, but also the beautiful memories, the packaging and the gesture of the gift itself.

But even the most beautiful gift should be attractively packaged! Unboxing is a multisensory experience, which often does not revolve exclusively around the gift itself. Our gift boxes are particularly suitable for personal, individual and unusual gifts. Individual refinements - for example in the form of a digital print - give you the opportunity to design the gift boxes for the suitable occasions of your customers. The separate lid of the liftoff box increases the tension at the moment of opening and is therefore perfect for gifts. After the actual event, the gift boxes also serve as a memento of the moments and emotions they transported. And these emotions and moments hold considerable potential for the stores and the retail trade!

Gift boxes in retail: hidden potential

While gift boxes have become indispensable in subscription commerce today, they also hold considerable potential in classic retail stores. Because in times of stress and deadline pressure, many don't think of getting gifts in time for important occasions. They have no time during the week or simply no clue what exactly they are supposed to give. Problems that you can solve with gift boxes in the shop and thus offer your customers both a solution and an experience! Because empty gift boxes in the right environment create the perfect opportunity to solve the problem of giving and time pressure.

Gift packaging as an experience

Well-known decoration and gift shops already practice this impressively and the customers gladly accept the offer. Stylish gift boxes can be filled with gifts and products from your shop to the heart's content by your customers and deliver a high-quality exterior with a personal touch. You supply the appropriate contents to it in the retail store - your own products thus become part of the experience and the inside of the gift boxes.

After all, we are all familiar with the challenges of giving gifts:

  • What do you give as a gift?
  • Where do you buy the gift?
  • Where can I get the gift on time?

In combination with your assortment, gift boxes in the shop can be a great help in solving these problems. They offer the right appearance for your individual products and enable fun and experience when designing gifts. The individual touch is not lost due to the diversity. The gift boxes thus directly solve the presentation of the gifts and guarantee positive emotions during the handover. The offer is not target group-bound, because there are plenty of occasions to give presents.

Gift boxes as high-quality gift packaging in the store

In addition to this function as an empty box for the packaging experience, our gift boxes are still used in retail stores as classic gift packaging. Especially high-quality goods such as clothes, perfume or games are often bought by customers as gifts and can be packed directly in the shop with the gift boxes. A noble embossing of your logo or lettering makes it possible to remain in the memory of the recipients and customers. Gift boxes also offer retail companies the opportunity to sell clothing online and ship it with high-quality packaging.

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The production of our gift boxes

Gift boxes are usually produced fully automatically in our cardboard production - preferably in large quantities. The body of the gift boxes is usually die-cut from solid cardboard or corrugated board, then erected and glued and in a final step covered with the already printed paper. The design possibilities are almost endless. On our finishing page you will find the corresponding information about our possibilities for various embossing and printing processes. Depending on the design and target group, the demands of our customers vary. The shapes of our boxes also range from square and rectangular to heart-shaped and round. The sizes range from the small box in the size of 4x4 centimetres to the large gift box in the size of a shoe box or a board game.

Further information on gift boxes

We give to make others happy - giving brings us closer together and fulfills us. With LESER gift boxes you offer your customers an appealing & high-quality gift packaging for exciting and emotional moments. The boxes are the perfect starting point for original ideas and individual gifts.

The contents: What can be packed in gift boxes?

  • clothing
  • fashion
  • sweets
  • CDs
  • perfume
  • jewellery
  • books
  • hearty meals
  • joke articles

You can find the right alternative to gift boxes here: PresentBox for cash gifts & vouchers.

The recipients: Who do you give presents to?

  • parents
  • friends
  • family
  • gransparents
  • couples at weddings
  • birthday children
  • relatives
  • guests
  • partners

Storage: High-quality gift boxes to store the long-lasting contents

One thing you have to give our gift boxes! In addition to their function as gift packaging, our high-quality boxes also serve a long time to store the gifts and thus carry a piece of memory of beautiful days. Whether movies, games or accessories: gifts connect and make us happy!

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