For all valuable objects, sooner or later the question of the right storage method arises. After all, one wants to maintain the beautiful feeling of looking at a new and valuable object for as long as possible. The precious collectibles should retain their luster, color and material properties in the long term and give pleasure to the viewers.
Whether collector, dealer or numismatist - for all of them the challenge lies in the appropriate storage and attractive presentation of the precious coins. Our high-quality cases for coins, medals and orders offer effective protection and really show off the object of desire. We will show you the effect that appropriate and appealing packaging can have when presenting precious coins.

Delivery only to dealers & traders - minimum order quantity 150 pieces!

Your advantages at a glance:

✅ Protection during storage and shipping
✅ Attractive presentation
✅ Sales promotion

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LESER novelties

Protecting a coin in the best possible way and packaging it appropriately is an art in itself. And that is precisely where our expertise lies. In order to offer each coin the best packaging solution, we are constantly expanding our range of high-quality coin cases and coin capsules. At this point we would like to present you two coin cases that are really worth seeing. Whether the elegant patent case or the versatile stand-up case - both models convince with their sophisticated design, practical use and high quality. Included in our standard range, the coin cases can also be delivered from stock at short notice.

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Collect and store coins

In the case of private coin collections, it is the individual value of the coins that is most important, which, however, is not to be assessed exclusively in material terms. The emotional attachment often plays a more important role for the owner. Because each collectible has an individual and personal meaning for the owner. After all, they are often lent out on certain occasions and are associated with valuable memories. Quite rationally, however, the value is determined by a few factors: Material, condition, age and edition. In addition, the price is determined by the classic rules of the market: demand determines supply. The more limited the supply of a rare, sought-after and precious coin, the higher the price.

When handling the valuable collectibles, some important factors must be considered. An optimal storage method for coins or even medals is one of them and usually starts with the choice of a safe packaging when buying or selling. However, long-term storage of the collectibles must not be disregarded either. 

Handling for dealers and mints

Whether commemorative coins, anniversary coins or valuables from a rare collection - trading in or owning coins is deeply passionate for many of our customers. However, the demands of our customers are as diverse as their collectibles themselves. For this reason, we at LESER have put our extensive experience into the development and production of purpose-designed coin cases and capsules, and can now offer you a wide portfolio of high-quality packaging for coins of all kinds.

As a mint or coin dealer, there are a few things you should keep in mind when handling these valuable collectibles. The challenge usually starts with the purchase or sale of the coins, continues during the storage of the valuables and remains during the customer service after a successful handover. Our different coin cases & coin capsules accompany you on this way. Because they offer the optimal solution for this challenge to ensure an impeccable condition of the coins.

Especially mints are increasingly using coin capsules to hand over or ship the valuables to private collectors. For detailed information on our high-quality coin capsules in various formats, please visit our page specifically for coin capsules. In addition to this popular packaging alternative, however, flat coin cases in particular are an increasingly welcome solution for mints and dealers operating through the mail. This is because the special cases not only protect the precious coins from possible damage, they also offer the possibility of sending the collectibles securely by letter post and saving a lot of shipping costs in the process.

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Cases for coins and medals

Appropriate and sophisticated packaging plays a central role in the presentation of collector's items. This is because it really sets the scene for the object of desire and highlights its value through its noble look, feel and its own weight.

Our customers often specialize in certain areas and can choose the right packaging for them and their products depending on their area of expertise. In our assortment we carry cases for:

  • Cases for collector coins
  • Cases for circulation coins
  • Cases for commemorative coins
  • Cases for medals

Our materials: plastic, cardboard, wood

Depending on the material, size and value of the individual coins, there are also different requirements for the packaging. The material of the case plays an essential role. To emphasize the value of the collectibles and to protect them appropriately, you have several alternatives at LESER.

High-quality coin boxes made of cardboard are manufactured in our cardboard production and plastic ones are produced in our injection molding. However, if the case is to be particularly noble and exclusive, we also produce it individually by hand from wood. For this purpose we would like to present you the following samples:

High quality coin case made of light wood

Wooden coin case

High quality plastic case with coin capsule

Plastic coin case in combination with a coin capsule

High quality cardboard box for coins from LESER GmbH

Cardboard box for coins

While wooden cases are produced in a particularly fine and elaborate handwork and therefore mostly in small quantities, cardboard and plastic cases offer more leeway and can be produced in larger series. Individual plastic cases are manufactured quickly and easily in our production using the injection molding process, but require a higher minimum order quantity due to the tooling costs. However, due to their durability, robustness and high-quality appearance, they are particularly suitable for this industry.
Individual cardboard cases for coins, medals or even medals are produced fully automatically in our cardboard production facility from an order quantity of 1,000 pieces. However, standard goods in smaller quantities can be found in our store or requested via our contact form. Our consultants will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. Just contact us!

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Are you thinking of making your packaging very special and individual? We will work with you to design the best possible packaging, specially tailored to your needs - according to your own ideas and the requirements of your valuables.

The individual design of the cases is usually realized by hot foil stamping. A wide range of colors can be used. Gold and silver have a particularly noble effect and are very popular with our customers. With the help of our embossing processes you have the possibility not only to refine your coin cases, it is a wonderful opportunity to apply your logo with your lettering or to share the claim of your brand. This gives you the opportunity for your mint and as a coin dealer to achieve brand awareness through individual packaging and to promote your brand in the long term. For more information on our minting processes, please see: Finishing.

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In addition to the attractive appearance of the outer protective case, the functional case inlay plays a central role, especially with valuable coins. Although the inlays also offer a visual advantage, they also provide a good grip on the coins and thus provide additional protection for the collector's items. We manufacture custom inlays specifically for your coins to meet the requirements of the metal, custom produced according to the shape, depth and size of the individual piece of value.

Here we show you the most common inlay variants:

handmade, flocked inlay for coin cases

Patent insert

flocked foam insert for coin cases

Foam insert

flocked deep-drawing inlay for coin cases

Vacuum-formed insert

The insert variants each have their advantages and are manufactured using different production processes. However, they have one thing in common - they provide a secure hold, prevent the coins from slipping and protect them from possible damage thanks to their soft padding.

In the case of particularly high-carat awards, medals or precious coins in small quantities, you also have the option of choosing an insert that matches the exclusivity and value of the collector's item and offers it an appropriate presentation. On request, we can produce individual inlays for you in elaborate and particularly fine handwork. In this time-consuming process, the raw body of an inlay is adapted to your valuable piece and then covered with the material of your choice. Silk or velvet have a particularly noble effect in this area of application and are the timeless classic for everlasting valuables. You can learn more about our inlays on our page for inlay variations.

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Coin capsules as an alternative

At this point we would like to present you an extremely practical and popular storage method for coins and medals. In addition to the various cases, coin capsules in particular are among the most common protective packaging for coins of all kinds. At LESER, these are produced in various formats and according to high quality standards "Made in Germany" directly at our site in Lahr in the Black Forest, which enables us to offer high-quality coin capsules at good conditions and in short production and delivery times.

Visit our interactive page about coin capsules and learn more about the advantages of this storage alternative.

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Combination of coin capsules and coin case

If you are looking for a complete solution for storing or presenting tokens, which guarantees both an attractive presentation and the best protection, we recommend the combination of coin case and coin capsules. This completely thought-out storage alternative offers your tokens an attractive and extremely secure packaging at the same time. Because with this method, a valuable coin or even a medal is first tightly enclosed in a coin capsule and then placed in a high-quality and noble case. The insert, which is tailor-made for the coin capsule, fixes and secures the collector's item in the case and allows it to be presented in a festive manner. The airtight coin capsuleprovides the extra protection from humidity and thus from premature tarnishing. The transparent coin capsule also allows you to take the coin out and examine it without worrying about leaving fingerprints. Especially as gift packaging, this smart combination offers a complete solution that convinces both visually and in terms of protecting the token coin. For more information on our coin capsulesas an additional storage alternative, please visit our page specifically for coin capsules.

Our FRAME - the Floating frame
for the exhibition of coins

Another innovative packaging solution is the LESER FRAME - our floating frame. With this, we have a high-quality and unique product in our range that protects, frames and presents your valuables in an appropriate way at the same time. Whether as a display frame for your own use or as an original gift packaging - our FRAME is available in various formats & three colours and makes your tokens literally float - and the viewer marvel. See how sophisticated and practical our FRAME is in use!

FRAME for the presentation of coins

floating frame when inserting a coin

Open floating frame when inserting a coin

The ECO-FRAME as a floating frame for the presentation of coins

FRAME as presentation packaging in 3 colours

The principle behind the floating frame as a coin case is quite simple and ingenious at the same time: coins are enclosed and firmly framed by two clear silicone membranes. Thus, the coins are securely fixed in place and appear magically floating to the viewer. Coins can thus be presented impressively, but also practically from both sides, without being exposed to soiling, for example by fingerprints. Discover more applications of our unique floating frame here: FRAME.

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Open questions about coin cases

How do you collect coins?

Coins are mainly collected in coin cassettes or specially produced cases. This prevents damage and limits environmental influences.

How do I send coins?

Coins are usually shipped in cases or capsules designed especially for this purpose. These include specifically flat solutions that prevent damage and are suitable for sending letters.

How do you sell coins?

Coins are usually sold loose in plastic bags or in transparent coin capsules. Particularly high-quality pieces are handed over to the customer in noble coin cases.


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