As a merchant, numismatist & coin collector you know the challenges that arise when storing valuable coins correctly. Our noble & equally functional coin cases are not only the perfect solution for this. Also in the sales process and when exhibiting they promote the appropriate presentation of the precious collector's items! Therefore we have made the development and production of high-quality coin cases our task with the experience from the past years. Depending on requirements and material, we produce individual coin cases either manually or fully automatically. Simply send us an inquiry via our contact form. In addition, we also have a wide range of standardised cases, the inserts of which we can customise to suit your needs. Simply contact us - our consultants will be happy to help you!

Delivery only to merchants & commercial enterprises - minimum order quantity 150 pieces!

Whether commemorative coins, anniversary coins or pieces from a rare collector's edition: collecting coins is a deep passion for many of our customers. But the demands of collectors are just as varied as the coins themselves. This is why we have gathered extensive experience over many years and have developed a broad portfolio of packaging for coins. So collectors and exhibitors can protect their coins and still show them off with dignity!

Examples of coin cases

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Collect and store coins

Be it for the dedicated hobby collector or for numismatics and thus for scientific purposes. Coin cases play an important role in the collection and storage of coins. In their protective function they protect the precious coins from external influences of the environment and enhance their appearance and feel.

But what is the best way to store coins?

With appropriate storage cases you can protect the precious collector's items from environmental influences and thus maintain or even increase their value! Especially for single, exclusive pieces, high-quality coin cases are suitable, which correspond to the personal requirements. Particularly valuable pieces in this form can additionally be stored in lockers or a safe.

Did you know? When collecting coins, of course, the individual value of the coins is also important, but it cannot be assessed exclusively on a material basis. The emotional value often plays an equally important role. Rationally, however, the value is determined by a handful of factors: Material, condition & preservation, age, limited edition. In addition, the price is determined according to the classical principles of the market: supply & demand. With a limited offer for a very popular coin, its price rises.

For this reason, in addition to protection, a high-quality, perfect presentation plays a central role in coin cases. It serves to add value to the coins and make them appear in the appropriate light. Many collectors specialize in their hobby in certain areas and can use these to choose their suitable packaging for storing the precious coins. In our assortment we carry:

  • Cases for commemorative coins
  • Cases for collector coins
  • Cases for circulation coins
  • And many more coin cases

Coin capsules as an additional storage method

Besides cases, coin capsules are the most common storage method today. These are made of polystyrene and are available in various formats. Thanks to the clear, transparent properties of the material, coin capsules are particularly suitable for viewing coins from all sides without exposing them to environmental influences. They consist of two plastic shells inserted into each other and are very space-saving due to their shape. They can be stuck or labelled on both sides to identify the coins.

Round coin capsules

In our stock we have round coin capsules in about 45 different sizes available. The inner diameters of the coin capsules range from 11.05 millimeters to an inner diameter of 49.80 millimeters and therefore cover the most common coin sizes. Prices and packaging units are available on request via our contact form.

Square coin capsules

Square coin capsules are available in 24 different designs with web sizes ranging from 23.90 mm to 46.00 mm. The outer dimensions are 50x50x5.6 mm. Our square coin capsules are produced on request and sold in packaging units of 1,000 pieces each. Prices and dimensions are available on request via the contact form below.

Coin capsules with logo

If you wish, we can also mint coin capsules individually for you. Simply contact us!

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Handling as mint or merchant

As a mint or merchant, there's still a lot to consider when handling the valuable collector's items. The challenges begin with the purchase of the coins and end with customer service after successful receipt of the goods. Our different coin cases & coin capsules accompany you on this way. They can be the perfect solution for these challenges and thus guarantee an impeccable condition of the coins.

Coin mints in particular like to use coin capsules to hand over the precious pennies to their collectors and send them off. In addition to this solution, flat coin cases in particular are increasingly becoming a welcome solution for minters and merchants who operate by mail. They protect the noble pennies during shipping and prevent unintentional slipping. It is also possible to send the special cases by letter, which saves a lot of shipping costs.

The materials: plastic, cardboard & wood

Depending on the requirements of the coin case and the individual value of the coins, there are also various possibilities for displaying the value based on the materials. Because we manufacture the noble packaging for your valuables in our cardboard production completely according to your ideas from cardboard, in our injection moulding from plastic or however completely individually and extremely high-quality in hand-production from wood.

Case for storing coins made of pale wood

Coin case made of wood

noble plastic case for storing coins

Coin case made of plastic

two-coloured cardboard case for storing coins

Coin case made of cardboard

While wooden cases represent a very noble and high-quality presentation packaging for coins and are handmade, cardboard cases and plastic cases are manufactured in larger series. Individual plastic cases are manufactured quickly and without complications using the injection moulding process in our production facilities in Germany, but require a high minimum quantity. Especially in this industry, high-quality plastic cases are in demand due to their robustness and resistance. Individual cardboard cases for coins, on the other hand, are produced fully automatically in our cardboard production starting from a quantity of about 1,000 pieces. You can also discover stock goods in smaller quantities in our shop or inquire via our contact form.

Customization: Finishing & Inlays

Of course it is possible to customize the coin cases according to your wishes! Particularly in the coinage sector, hot foil stamping is suitable, which is often requested by our customers in the colors silver and gold. This gives you the opportunity to enhance your coin cases and thus highlight your logo, lettering or the claim of your brand. This way, minters and coin merchants can give the coin cases their own personal touch, which offers them branding opportunities. Further information on our embossing methods can be found at: Finishing

handmade, flocked inlay for coin cases

Hand-finished inlay

flocked foam insert for coin cases

Flocked foam

flocked deep-drawing inlay for coin cases

Flocked deep drawer inlay

In addition to a possible personal embossing, the security of the collector's items is also a major issue in the coinage area. For this reason, we manufacture the individual fitting equipment for your cases in the form of various inlays. The different inlays each have individual advantages in the special application and are manufactured completely differently, but they have one important point in common. They prevent the coins from slipping and damage during transport. Because inlays hold the coins in place and grasp the coins well, which also ensures a positive, visual impression.

Find out more about our inlays here: Inlay options

Floating frame for the exhibition of coins

In addition to our conventional range of coin cases, we have for some time now also had our own innovative development, which makes the presentation of your coins a snap. FRAME is available in various formats and colors and makes your coins look weightless!

Sliding frame FRAME as coin case

FRAME for the presentation of coins

floating frame when inserting a coin

Open floating frame when inserting a coin

The ECO-FRAME as a floating frame for the presentation of coins

FRAME as presentation packaging in 3 colours

The principle behind the floating frame as a coin case is quite simple: Coins are enclosed by the two transparent silicone membranes and firmly enclosed. Thus the coins are held securely in place, do not slip and appear floating to the observer. Coins can therefore be exhibited in a fascinating way and can also be viewed from all sides without being exposed to fingerprints. Discover more possible applications here: FRAME

Open questions about coin cases

How do you collect coins?

Coins are mainly collected in coin cassettes or specially produced cases. This prevents damage and limits environmental influences.

How do I send coins?

Coins are usually shipped in cases or capsules designed especially for this purpose. These include specifically flat solutions that prevent damage and are suitable for sending letters.

How do you sell coins?

Coins are usually sold loose in plastic bags or in transparent coin capsules. Particularly high-quality pieces are handed over to the customer in noble coin cases.


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