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Ballpoint pens are practically indispensable in today's office environment and are a great help in quickly capturing fleeting ideas on paper. What we take for granted today, however, goes back to old traditions: Depending on tradition, very early types of simple writing instruments were already used in the 6th or 7th century to practice the art of calligraphy. As an instrument and tool of the great writers, however, the fine fountain pen developed, which Nietzsche also appreciated so much and whose characteristics he liked to describe in his works. But admittedly: Not everyone liked the blotches, smudging and refilling of the early writing tools - and the development went towards simple pens that could also be used in everyday life without any problems. Finally, as early as 1938, inventors applied for the first patents for ballpoint pens, which came quite close to those we know today.

As chance would have it, this period of the first modern ballpoint pens also coincided exactly with the time of our company's founding, which took place just one year earlier in 1937. Since then, we have been involved in the packaging of jewellery and watches - among many other industries - as well as in the development and production of ballpoint pen packaging. However, just like the history of writing instruments, the development of suitable packaging has not stood still - and today we can therefore present an extensive portfolio of packaging for a wide variety of writing instruments. So why not let yourself be inspired below and discover our wide range of packaging for modern drawing pens, rollerballs and other exclusive pens! With our high-quality boxes, you can create an appealing presentation for even the most noble ballpoint pen.

Individual product solutions

In addition to an extensive range of ballpoint pen packaging, which we have in stock, we also produce these in particular according to your wishes and ideas in your brand design. We produce individual ballpoint pen packaging from a quantity of 2,000 pieces for writing instrument start-ups and traditional writing instrument manufacturers: for rollerball pens, fountain pens, coloured pencils and everything your heart desires. But let our examples & solutions inspire you in the following! If you have any questions or specific projects, you can contact us at any time using the following contact form.

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Ballpoint pen packaging as advertising and brand ambassador

Today, ballpoint pens are everyday tools in office life for taking notes. Exactly these helpful characteristics make the pens to popular advertising novelties & gifts for enterprises. Because the important advertising media can be passed on to customers and interested parties and can be used in everyday office life - and present your brand in the long term! But while the promotional items themselves are regarded as carriers of your brand, another factor is already an important point of contact with your company when the pens are handed over: the packaging of the pens! In addition to the choice of the right materials, individualisation in the form of a print or noble embossing also plays a major role in the presentation of the writing instruments. And the packaging inlay also determines a certain value: your product is individually framed in the packaging and any slippage and damage is prevented. With our packaging, your pens become an individual promotional gift - in your unmistakable corporate design!


At the very beginning on the way to your individual packaging is the decision about the materials from which your final packaging is to be made. Criteria that you can use as a reasonable orientation are, for example, the materials used to make the writing instruments themselves or the message to be conveyed by the ballpoint pen. For example, for many brands that produce sustainable writing instruments made of wood or solid cardboard, sustainable materials such as solid cardboard or corrugated cardboard are also suitable. However, fine, high-quality ballpoint pens are also often packed in robust plastic packaging for presentation purposes and a suitable protective function. By the way, we produce packaging of both materials in our packaging production in the south of Germany.


Not least for the reasons mentioned above, many writing instrument manufacturers today choose our cardboard ballpoint pen boxes. They meet the zeitgeist of consumers, protect our environment and radiate this directly. Nevertheless, we also have various solutions to offer in this segment: For example, we can design the body of the packaging alone from sturdy corrugated cardboard or luxurious solid cardboard - whereby the materials have their very own advantages due to their properties. Pencil packaging made of corrugated board is a little lighter in transport, but solid board boxes are of higher quality and have a more varied design.


When it comes to the colours of our cardboard packaging for writing instruments alone, there are actually hardly any limits. For example, in addition to our cover papers, we can also produce the body of the packaging from various solid cardboard boxes with solid colours.

Especially black & white, but also red or green are often in demand here. However, most of our cardboard ballpoint pen packaging is then coated with noble coating papers, which are usually far superior to the raw cardboard of the body in terms of feel and appearance. The choice of colours is almost unlimited, especially here. In addition to a noble branding, we can also design your boxes directly in your corporate design and thus set an example. In addition to the colour of the various papers, you can also choose between different properties and structures.

Coating paper types

But it is not only in terms of colour that our coating paper options differ. Basically, there is also a wealth of different structures and haptic experiences with our coating papers. The packaging can also be in the right style to match your writing instruments.

The range here extends from various textured papers, smooth papers, particularly rough materials and recycled papers, natural coating papers to the currently popular kraft papers. The picture shows for example a pen packaging with square structured coating paper (click to enlarge!). Here, not only the colour of the paper - which was chosen according to the colours of the pens to be packed - is impressive, but also the feeling of the box in the recipient's hand. But just ask us about our various solutions! At this point we cannot possibly describe everything to you.

Cover or slipcase

The most popular variant among the cardboard ballpoint pen packaging today is the liftoff box with a slip lid, which consists of a lower part and a separate lid. Basically, these are 2 parts of identical construction, which only differ slightly in size.

In addition to the classic slip lid variant, slipcase boxes have also become increasingly popular in the cardboard box sector, especially in the immediate past. In this form, the lower part of the slip lid box is enclosed by a precisely fitting sleeve, the so-called slipcase. This slipcase can be made of different materials. In addition to plastic, we are also happy to process solid cardboard into this high-quality sleeve. The slipcase box is today a well-known principle of modern jewellery packaging and has also become a real alternative in the field of writing instrument packaging due to its noble handling.


As mentioned at the beginning, our carton packaging is by no means the only thing that makes up our service portfolio. Thanks to our injection moulding in the South of Germany, we are also able to produce robust and high-quality plastic ballpoint pen packaging - completely Made in Germany!

From 3,000 pieces upwards, we produce your plastic packaging by injection moulding in Germany in a fully automated process. Even though there is much to be said for cardboard packaging today and the market in general tends to be more in this direction, there are still characteristics that speak for plastic as a material. For example, high-quality plastic boxes continue to be used in the life cycle of the pens even after they have been given away or purchased. Due to their robust properties, high-quality writing instruments in particular are protected against damage or scratches during transport or handling in everyday life. The advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for storage & transport
  • Rugged features
  • Short production times
  • Long life cycle

However, one point of criticism that has become clearly manifest in relation to plastic packaging today is its sustainability status. Would you like to learn more about this topic and the evaluation of our materials? We have provided you with a comprehensive guide on this subject in the following section: sustainable packaging. In the next section, however, you will learn all about our explicitly sustainable ballpoint pen packaging!

Sustainable pen packaging ✅

What we as a packaging manufacturer are currently observing in every industry is also and above all emerging in the writing instruments and ballpoint pen industry. Because the market currently speaks a common language:

Sustainable - environmentally friendly - viable & original!

Because companies and brands are also trying to express their sustainability efforts by means of these popular promotional gifts. And not without reason: Many industries today depend on sustainable packaging & innovative products - to really achieve a sustainable effect on our environment.

Want an example? The manufacturer Sprout, for example, produces plantable pencils, the remains of which can be planted in potting soil after complete use, as plant seeds were used in the production process. By the way, they are available in the following variants: thyme, basil, sage, cherry tomato, daisy & forget-me-nots.

The credo among the ballpoint pen manufacturers is therefore Green Change. Sustainable materials are replacing the conventional ones to a large extent - and in addition to wood and cardboard, there is one more thing in particular: recycled plastic. Especially as a packaging manufacturer, we therefore not only orient ourselves to our markets, but also see ourselves as having a great responsibility towards our environment. So here are our sustainable packaging for ballpoint pens & other writing instruments at a glance:

FSC®-certified writing instrument boxes

Especially for the packaging of wooden pens & sustainable writing instruments our beautiful cardboard boxes are of course suitable. And since the FSC® certification of our company in October 2018, we have been able to produce customised pen packaging in accordance with the FSC® guidelines. But what does that actually mean?

For us, the FSC® means a complete control of our wood chain - from the raw materials to the finished box of writing instruments. For you, on the other hand, the FSC® means two things: You are aware of the complete control of our wood chain & You can label your certified packaging accordingly and thus provide your customers & consumers with helpful orientation and certainty about the origin of this packaging.

Many of our customers today place great value on the use FSC®-certified pen packaging. Here you can see an example of our PICOT series. We now also have a range of FSC®-certified packaging in our standard range in other areas. Our FSC®-licence number is: FSC® C144083.

Ask us about the FSC®-certified products in our range!

Pen boxes Made in Germany

By the way, we produce our pen boxes at our site in Lahr in the Black Forest, so both our cardboard production and injection moulding are manufactured in Germany. But what does that mean?

Well, on the one hand, this gives you a degree of certainty about the materials that we use in our packaging. On the other hand, packaging Made in Germany also means short transport routes and short supply chains. Factors that on the one hand have a strong impact on CO2 balances, but on the other hand also have very pragmatic advantages: Because short supply chains also mean short delivery times, lower stock levels and higher flexibility & reliability for you!

In addition, today there are other factors that speak in favor of thinking about supplier relationships and sourcing important preliminary products locally. The example of Corona, for example, showed how quickly borders can be closed and import bans imposed. However, you can find out more about the regionalisation of the packaging industry here: Corona or: The increasing regionalisation of the packaging industry?

Packaging for writing instruments made of bioplastics

However, it is not only the use of constantly innovative materials that is currently shaping the advertising materials and writing instruments market in the long term. The use of classic plastics is also clearly being fought today. We are therefore developing a wide range of packaging for ballpoint pens made of recycled plastic or even for pens made of bioplastics.

We at LESER have been producing the appropriate packaging for this purpose since 2012. Since then, we have included the EARTH series in our product range: a packaging series that is made of 100% PLA bioplastics and therefore consists exclusively of vegetable raw materials. Due to these properties, the packaging can also be composted without leaving any residue - just like the natural way!

100% recycled ballpoint pen packaging

However, in addition to the sustainable solutions mentioned above, the latest addition to our environmentally friendly packaging family is the 0150 RECYCLE series - a packaging series whose components are made of 100% recycled materials:

✅ 100 % recycled body

✅ 100 % recycled coating

✅ 100 % recycled foam

✅ 300 % sustainability! - No compromises

✅ FSC®-certified & Made in Germany

Especially when writing instruments are used as advertising media, our recycling packaging is naturally a first statement. This way, packaging and ballpoint pens basically speak the same language: Why should precious resources be used when we can give materials already used a second life cycle?

More about the 0150 RECYCLE series can be found here: Recycling packaging

Discover more colour variations of our recycling packaging for pens:

However, despite the sustainable packaging for pens and writing instruments presented so far, we are still at the very beginning of development and have some exciting projects in the pipeline. So stay up to date together with us: You will soon find out more here! If you have any questions, simply contact us using the following contact form.

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Printing, embossing, finishing and inlays: When it comes to designing your individual packaging according to your ideas, the choice of materials is by no means the end. Because when it comes to individualisation, we have many options: the most important information for the pen sector can be found here!


In terms of finishing, we distinguish between noble foil embossing and large-area printing processes. In addition to an elegant staging, the highlighting of your brand, slogan or claim is important here. Foil embossing is particularly suitable for your trademarks and logos.


In the lid, on the lid, possibly and depending on the space even on the edge of the packaging: foil embossing is suitable to highlight your logo & slogan in a noble way. In addition to the high-quality appearance, it can be practically implemented on any packaging and immediately catches the eye when viewed. Already here the possibilities are manifold:

  • High embossing
  • Deep embossing
  • Relief embossing
  • Structure embossing
  • Monochrome or multicoloured


Offset printing

With our various printing processes we can already mention a clear difference to our embossing processes at this point. The full-surface printing patterns are printed on the cover papers even before the pen packaging is folded and erected. Offset printing is one of the most technically mature and precise printing processes and is therefore highly automated and the results are of high quality. From a quantity of about 2,000 individual packages, offset printing in the field of stationery packaging will become interesting for you!

Digital printing

Today, digital printing is also one of the modern printing variants for the finishing of packaging. In contrast to offset printing, however, digital printing does not require a separate printing stock: the colours are applied to the packaging paper virtually without contact. Like offset printing, digital printing is also suitable for high-resolution results and can be implemented automatically in medium and large print runs. Just ask us about our various finishing options!

Inlay options

To keep your pens in the right place in the packaging - and thus protect them from damage and ensure an attractive presentation - we at LESER offer you various packaging inlays.

Die cut cardboard inlay

For us, the most coherent inlay, especially for sustainable cardboard packaging, is probably the punched cardboard inlay. It is individually punched for your writing instruments, folded and inserted into the finished packaging. The pens can, for example, be held in place by a tab or simply inserted into a punched cavity. Cardboard inserts are suitable for small, medium and very large packaging runs and are therefore the perfect all-rounder, especially for pens.

In addition to our regular punched cardboard inserts, we also produce these curved cardboard inserts with a recess for a biro in our cardboard production facility. Together with you we develop your desired cardboard inlay at our location in Lahr. Cardboard in particular offers a wide range of possibilities here. Please contact our packaging experts in this regard - simply use the contact form below!

Flocked deep-drawing inlay

Thermoformed inlays are formed from thin foils using heat and, in the case of writing instruments, flocked with velvet. This form of inlay is very elegant in its feel and appearance and allows the pens to be held securely. Individual deep-drawn inlays are of particular interest in large runs of about 2,000 pieces and more.

Flocked foam

Flocked foam is also a very high-quality variant of the packaging inlay. Due to its smooth shape it directly conveys a high value and gives your pens a suitable presentation. With this inlay option, the pens are enclosed rather than resting on the inlay and being fixed there. Therefore, this inlay is also ideally suited for very flat pen packaging.

We would be happy to advise you individually on your packaging inlays - just contact us!

Special pen cases


With our floating FRAME case, you can show off high-quality ballpoint pens to their best advantage! You place the pen in the frame, fold the case together and the pen is carried by the stretchable foil - and thus presented practically weightlessly all around! A real highlight - as a gift or as a presentation case directly in a store. Here you can get more information about our FRAME and view it in further applications.

Already available from 10 pieces!

Writing instrument sleeve "SG-sleeve"

With our plastic sleeve, developed especially for writing instruments, you can present practically all pens already in their packaging. Thus the packaging guarantees protection and yet a direct view of the packed writing instruments. We produce the SG-sleeve in our injection moulding facility in the south of Germany in many different colours - transparent and matt! So here too, you benefit from short supply chains and transport routes. Find out more about our special cases in a direct conversation!

Questions about the packaging of writing instruments

Where can you buy packaging for pens?

Of course at our company - LESER GmbH Packaging & More. We develop and produce packaging for practically every imaginable writing instrument. Be it plastic, cardboard or alternative sustainable materials.

In what quantities can you buy packaging for writing instruments?

Well, as a manufacturer, we can process customer projects according to your wishes, sometimes starting from 1,000 pieces, and produce them fully automatically. However, depending on your requirements and ideas, an order can also be processed only from a quantity of 2,000 pieces upwards. In our online-shop, however, you can find stock items, some of which you can purchase in lot sizes from 10 pieces or 50 pieces. Just have a look around there!

How can pens be packed as gifts?

If you want to give high-quality pens as a private gift, it is of course advisable to make this special packaging yourself instead of buying it in stores. You can find inspiration for making your own pen packaging at Pinterest. You can also find detailed instructions including a printable PDF construction plan on our Papierschaetzchen.

How do you dispose of writing instrument packaging correctly?

Since we generally produce very high-quality packaging for equally high-quality products, the question of correct disposal is usually not necessary for consumers. On the other hand, the packaging is often used as a lifelong companion for the pens and is also often used as a storage box after the lifetime of the writing instruments.

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