Your packaging becomes your brand ambassador at the PoS because of the infinite
variety of printing and finishing possibilities. Whether you require only a
small quantity or you want to have a larger quantity produced,
we have the right solution for every requirement.

Embossing, digital or screen printing
with lamination or spot varnish?

You can make your selection of the right imprint for your packaging
from many possibilities.

Hot-foil embossing

You can create impressive packaging with this traditional print finish.
By means of heat, pressure and a specialised film your motif is attached in the required position on the
cardboard box. You can choose between high and deep relief embossing and structure embossing.



Digital printing

By means of high quality digital printing machines your address, for example, or your name or logo are printed directly on to the cover paper for the cardboard box to be produced later. This process is interesting for you in terms of price up to a run of 500 units and leaves a wide scope for your imagination. Colour fastness in digital printing is about 97% and endures for a long time.



Offset printing

This process guarantees a very exact reproduction of colours through the use of the CMYK, Pantone or RAL colour systems. This print variation gives you the possibility of printing whole landscapes, photos and much more on your packaging. The colours retain their additional brilliance and protection by means of a colourless varnish in lustre or matt.
We can print in offset mode from a minimum quantity of 1,000 units. As from 10,000 units it is a highly interesting commercial proposition for you.



Film lamination:

The print is laminated or coated with a film in lustre or matt. This gives the printing increased protection from, for instance, rain, scratches, etc.

UV spot coating:

Places without lettering can be emphasised in places by a spot varnish. These variations of additional finishing of the printing produce little highlights within the motif.

Inlay options

In order to protect and present your product to best advantage, you have at your disposal a wide range
of inlay options. From foam, paperboard to plastic -
there is a wide selection of possibilities.

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