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We say thank you! Because our customers also confirm us again in 2021 as an important service provider in the industry:


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An important consumer issue that has emerged in recent years is the concerns of our environment. Sustainable and environmentally conscious actions are more important to us today than ever before. And the market is also demanding sustainable solutions: Jewelry packaging should be more efficient, have a minimal impact on our environment, and yet not sacrifice high quality. Some of our developments in 2021 address precisely these requirements - perhaps you will also find the right packaging.

SerieS 0150 RECYCLE

Cardboard boxes made of recycled materials: 100% recycled body, 100% recycled cover, 100% recycled foam - 300% sustainability - No compromises!

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Discover our new jewellery packaging series 5520 STRAIGHT consisting of recycled material!

Series 5520 STRAIGHT

High quality covered cases with a pad for jewelry inlay and lid cushion made of silk, including a white sliding cover: cover and silk made of 100% recycled material.

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Series 1700 Futura

Plastic cases with a cotton inlay - now made from 100% recycled plastic. Available in 4 sizes: in the colors black and blue.

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Ring case VIDEO-Box

With our VIDEO BOX the marriage proposal becomes an unforgettable event - Individual messages in the form of film, pictures or music!

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Wedding ring case 5510

Our 5510 30 wedding ring cases are high quality covered cases with a pad for jewelry inlay. Available in 3 trendy new colors.

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Discover our 4-colour printed repair bags for jewellers!

Repair bags

Indispensable for every jeweler: repair bags. Available in 3 different sizes, with perforated tear-off tab. Now also available in 4-color printing!

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Besides our novelties, however, we have a wide range of jewelry packaging, decorations, displays and jewelry bags in our assortment. Also individual productions according to your ideas are possible starting from certain quantities. You can find all information about the different categories here: Packaging for watches, jewelry, wedding rings ...

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If you are looking for packaging from our standard range, you will probably find it quickest in our online store. However, if you simply want to be inspired, or if you are a jeweler and would like to have a practical aid in everyday life, our catalog is also suitable for discovering our jewelry packaging. Here you will find the links to the store, our browsable online catalog and the download catalog. Of course, we also have a printed catalog, which we can send to you by mail upon request. However, by using the online catalog, you can help save production & shipping emissions!

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With foil embossing, you give your jewelry case the finishing touch and carry your brand to the outside world. This way you stand out from the crowd and the packaging becomes your own advertising medium. Simply send us your logo - our graphics office will convert this into an embossing stamp. Simple and fast!

All important information about our embossing methods and file types can be found here:
Hot foil stamping - the classical method..

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