In order to protect and present your product to best advantage, you have at your disposal a wide range of inlay options.
From foam, paperboard to thermoformed packing -

we can adapt each variant to your product.

Discover more about foam, paperboard and plastic inlays and much more.

Each inlay has its own specific advantages, whether in terms of price or in the type of application.
There is most certainly an inlay suitable for your product.

flocked foam

The slot is adjusted to fit your product snugly into the depth of the punched foam.
This holds your product securely. Foam is available in the two neutral colours, black and white. The flocking on the top face gives the foam a velvety feel.
Since the only tool needed for production is a punching tool, this inlay variant is the most cost-effective

Flocked thermoformed inlay

This variant is a flocked film, which is heated and drawn by a vacuum over the tool. This process creates the required, snug-fitting shape for your product. This process can also even up different heights of parts of your product. This inlay becomes cost-effective from a relatively large number of items, since the tooling costs are higher.



Hand-finished inlay

This inlay is completely hand-finished with a great deal of time and effort in our company. In other words the blanks are worked to the dimensions of the product and subsequently coated with the required material. Therefore, we recommend this inlay only for very exceptional quality products or for medals and orders in small quantities.



Finishing / imprinting

Give your packaging your own accent with your design
and/or logo. For this purpose there are various
printing and embossing possibilities, which will allow you
to have your requirements satisfied.

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