The magical weightlessness fascinates immediately and attracts all eyes. This is how we launched a unique packaging concept that can be used for diverse items from a wide range of industries and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Whether as original gift packaging in sales or as a presentation option at trade fairs or in retail shops - this floating frame is the exclusive way to attractively present products. If you are interested, you can find out more here about purchasing, correct use and various occasions directly from the manufacturer of the innovative floating frame from LESER Packaging & More.

FRAME - present your product weightlessly!

Let our video inspire you with our innovative packaging and presentation possibilities!

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FRAME by LESER - our innovative packaging solution

With the LESER FRAME, we do not offer standard packaging, but the perfect presentation of your products in extraordinary presentation packaging. Conventional packaging also serves its purpose, but special packaging is also a powerful marketing tool, because your products get what they deserve - the highest attention.

The floating frame packaging is new and unique. It has a high-quality finish, is original and automatically transfers its effect to the product being packaged. It appears to the viewer to be floating weightlessly and yet framed. The special effect is created with the help of two transparent silicone membranes, which firmly enclose and fix any article and at the same time allow it to be seen from all sides. The unusual packaging thus not only protects the product, it sets it perfectly in scene and creates an eye-opener that not only encourages purchase, but the strong impression means that the product is remembered for longer, which can have a long-term effect on image and sales due to the reusability of the FRAME. 

The sophisticated packaging is available in different sizes. In our standard range, you can already order the frame in the classic colours black and white in smaller quantities. For larger quantities, it is of course also possible to produce the FRAME in your desired colour and with an individual print. This smart packaging is ideally suited as a promotional product for trade fairs and events. It is easy to handle, compact and can be used universally. The floating frame is visually appealing and can also be customised using effective finishing techniques. This includes, among other things, the printing of your logo or lettering, which turns a packaging into your very own special product packaging.

How our floating frame functions

Our FRAME consists of:

  • a frame covered with leatherette
  • two transparent, permanently elastic silicone membranes
  • a magnetic closure flap

A magnetic closing flap keeps the frame well closed but can also be opened again very easily. This allows the frame's contents to be replaced regularly and adapted to your latest collection or highlights. Two crystal-clear and permanently elastic silicone membranes enclose and fix your product. This provides reliable protection and a secure hold for a successful, unusual product presentation with a wow effect. This is because the transparent membranes allow the contained object to be viewed from all sides while literally floating.

Here's how it works:

Frame Step 1

Step 1

Frame Step 2

Step 2

Frame Step 3

Step 3

Frame Step 4

Step 4

The advantages of our high-quality gift packaging

Today more than ever, the decision for an individual gift packaging serves the purpose of a product's identification on the market that is as memorable and lasting as possible. The more unusual the outer packaging of the product, the better it will be remembered by the buyer. With exclusive gift packaging, your product will stand out from similar items. Whether at trade fairs or in the shop, with our innovative floating frame you are guaranteed to be remembered!

Our FRAME offers:

  • a unique, extraordinary & noble appearance
  • an easy handling
  • an individual design and presentation option
  • 3 in 1: Packaging, protection & presentation

Awarded with the "Promotional Gift Award 2009" in the category Communicative Product!

Possible application areas of the FRAMES

FRAME as a showcase in a shop

FRAME also fascinates our customers. And they always find impressive uses for the floating frame to show off their products to their best advantage. Present your products weightlessly in the shop window of your retail store. The views of passers-by are guaranteed!

No matter if cigar, watch or collector's items - with our FRAME you can skilfully put your products in the spotlight. The durable and transparent silicone membranes safely enclose the objects and give the impression that they are floating!

Our FRAMES are showcase and decoration in one, on every shelf and in every display. Stand out from the mass and present your products elegantly and weightlessly!

FRAME in use - Rodenstock

The eyewear manufacturer Rodenstock uses the unusual presentation packaging in combination with elegant branding to skilfully showcase trendy eyewear.

The floating frame in use for displaying glasses from Rodenstock

© Rodenstock, 2019

The floating frame FRAME in use for the presentation of glasses
Presentation of glasses with the floating frame of reader - weightless packaging


Whether gold coins or silver coins - the FRAME offers optimal packaging for value coins, investment coins and collector coins of all kinds. It is ideally suited as a reliable protective packaging for precious metals, but also as an exhibition frame for various precious coins. The coins are securely enclosed and fixed in place by elastic and transparent silicone membranes. The frame offers a view from both sides without exposing the coins to external influences.

You can find more attractive coin packaging as well as additional samples of the FRAME on our interactive coin cases & coin capsules page.



The FRAME also offers an attractive presentation for various other valuables and investments. The investment trend in investment gold continues and with it the demand for suitable protective packaging, but also for unusual display options, is increasing. The FRAME has also proven its worth as a display frame for a gold bar and is increasingly being used as a presentation frame for a wide variety of valuable objects.

FRAME as original packaging for handing over keys

Whether as a special key packaging for handing over at important events such as real estate purchase and car purchase or an unusual packaging for handing over the keys to a safe deposit box for valuables - the FRAME is ideally suited as an exclusive packaging and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Use our FRAME as a festive setting for the important handover of keys. The reception becomes an unforgettable key experience!

FRAME - Handing over car keys weightless
FRAME - weightless transfer of cars step 2
FRAME - Handing over car keys weightlessly to the buyer Step 3
Weightless handing over of the car key with the LESER FRAME step 4

The own car still counts as the status symbol par excellence. The handing over of the car and the handing over of the car keys always becomes a small experience. The symbolic act of handing over the keys is an exciting thing and should take place in an appropriate setting. This is the only way to strengthen customer satisfaction, underline the joy of the new car and give the customer a good feeling on the way.

Set yourself apart from other car dealerships and make buying a car a key experience! With our floating frame, the handing over of the keys can be solemnly and individually arranged. It works very simply: the key is placed in the packaging and the silicone membranes hold it in place. It is clearly visible from all sides and it looks as if it is floating freely in the frame.

Not only car keys, but also the handing over of keys to the managing director during the acceptance of a new sales room, the opening of a new car dealership or a new dealership becomes a festive handing over ceremony with FRAME and is certainly also a good motif for an advertising photo or a newspaper article.

FRAME for special occasions

Whether wedding, Christmas or honours - there are many reasons to celebrate. With our FRAME floating frame your celebration is guaranteed to be a special experience!

Framed sports awards packaging
Floating frame packaging for medals
Frame and packaging for sports awards
Floating frame packaging for sports medals

Whether as an award for special civic commitment or for outstanding achievements, for example, a sportsman's honor, or an anniversary celebration such as a golden wedding anniversary. The FRAME object frame gives the handover ceremony a particularly dignified and festive setting! It is also a showcase or showcase for the honoured person, an eye-catcher on every shelf, sideboard or display. Our floating frame is more than just packaging!

As a laudator, you will appreciate it if you can devote your full attention to your speech and to the honoured person and, when you receive the award, you can be sure that, for example, the medal will not fall out of the gift box or gift case. With our floating frame, they will certainly stand out in amazement when the award is presented and draw attention to the award: fixed and clearly visible, the medal seems to float in the packaging.

Even weddings or Christmas company parties can be given a festive glow with small gifts in our floating frame. For example, table decorations, menu cards or small gifts can be skilfully presented. It is also possible to individualize our FRAMES, for example with an imprint "Merry Christmas" on the front, on the top or on the sides in various colors.

The floating frame as table decoration

You can also add a festive touch to weddings or Christmas company parties with small gifts in our floating frame in white. In this way, table decorations, menu cards or small gifts can also be skilfully presented. It is also possible to customise our FRAMES, for example with a "Merry Christmas" print on the front at the top or on the side in a wide variety of colours.

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