Leser’s long history rich in tradition has allowed the company to evolve to its present size and importance. Founded in 1937 in Germany’s Lahr, Leser GmbH leads the market for high-quality packaging for watches, jewellery and gifts for jewellers, trade and industry.
As a family business already in its fourth generation, those picking up the baton are dedicated to putting their knowledge and skills into maintaining and building on the success achieved so far. To establish and expand on the market position achieved in Germany and overseas and to develop new areas of business, corresponding profitability is needed.

This is essential to safeguard investments in staff and equipment, maintain our workforce and preserve our independence as a family business.
In an ever-changing environment, we are hugely committed to facing new challenges. Our strength lies in the flexibility that helps us integrate technical and social change into our work process.
Given that the company can only successfully evolve as an outstanding business on the basis of a shared corporate culture, we set out our values and objectives as follows.


Ultimately, the success of our business comes down to our relationship with customers; with this in mind, we strive to create a long-standing and reliable partnership with them. For us, this customer-focused approach means implementing their ideas and meeting their needs and expectations to both their and our satisfaction. Our decades of experience, knowledge of the specific packaging tasks and our expertise in the industry are essential for this. Our goal is to gain and maintain trust in our products, organisation and the enthusiasm of the customers


Communication, information, motivation and training are the underlying principles for dealing with each other. They create a climate within the business in which values such as openness, trust, honesty, reliability and acceptance play a key role.
The company is careful in selecting new employees and assigning them positions to ensure these roles best suit their skills and capabilities. What’s more, employees are always free to talk through any professional or personal problems with supervisors to find corresponding solutions if need be. After all, we need the "whole" employee: their knowledge and skills, as well as their enthusiasm.


We see our company as part of an industry where the environment enjoys particular protection.
With ideas and concepts, we want to make our products environmentally friendly and use environmentally-friendly processes in production. That is why we are economical when using resources, recycling any unavoidable waste. We want to continuously improve in this area. Our aim is to go above and beyond official requirements, regulations and laws.
We understand our environmental responsibility and act accordingly.


In 1998, the company Leser GmbH was the first company in the industry to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.

DIN ISO 9001   DIN ISO 14001