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Many startups face the same challenges at the beginning of their business. Due to a lack of resources and experience, only a few are sufficiently concerned with the packaging of their products. The potential of packaging is simply not recognized in the product launch process. Today, packaging is a decisive marketing instrument! This is why we deal with the development and production of individual startup packaging.

With our Startup Package we have developed a range of packaging for startups and e-commerce companies. These enable young companies to enter the world of packaging. Because often you only need small quantities of packaging at the beginning before a completely individual box is developed. Discover the solutions for the different sectors here! Small quantities - fast delivery! You will find the right packaging here!

Liftoff boxes in different sizes

Our liftoff boxes are particularly high-quality product packaging for goods from a wide variety of sectors. Especially in the fashion, gourmet or lifestyle sector they are suitable for the most common products due to their size and shape. But the cardboard boxes are also ideal as unusual gift boxes. Thanks to years of experience in the development and production of these liftoff boxes, we manufacture large quantities of individual boxes fully automatically. Now you have the possibility to purchase different standard sizes even in small quantities! - already from 60 pieces!

You do not have to do without customisation in the form of embossing! (Set-up costs: 45€, cliché costs and embossing per box on request).

Gift box, square: liftoff box with the dimensions 180x180x65 mm (WxDxH); lid height 20mm.

We currently have lids and bases in black and white. All 4 colour combinations are available. The boxes with a volume of 2.1 litres are suitable as high-quality product packaging or gift box.

Unit prices: 60 pieces: 4,08€ - 120 pieces: 3,51€ - 300 pieces: 2,92€ - 600 pieces: 2,77€ - 1000 pieces: 2,55€ *

Learn more about our gift boxes!

To Gift Boxes!

LP-Box: liftoff box with dimensions of 317x317x65 mm (WxDxH); lid height 50 mm

The cardboard boxes in black with a volume of 6.53 litres have the size of a long player and are suitable as product packaging for high-quality clothing or accessories.

Unit prices: 60 pieces: 6,68€ - 120 pieces: 5,72€ - 300 pieces: 4,77€ - 600 pieces: 4,53€ - 1000 pieces: 4,17€ *

to the LP box!

Wine box: liftoff box with dimensions of 330x110x90 mm (WxDxH); lid height 30 mm.

The noble slip lid box has a volume of 3.27 liters and is suitable not only for packaging bottles but also for many other products. From an order quantity of 1,000 pieces, we produce a completely individual wine packaging for you.

to the wine box!

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Magnetic boxes in various sizes and colours

Even in small quantities, you can buy magnetic boxes from us in white and black. In our standard range, the two colours are already available from 50 pieces in the following formats
Format 2: 230x230x110 mm - Volume: 5.819 litres
Format 4: 350x250x100 mm - Volume: 8.75 litres

The folding boxes are delivered in folded form and thus save transport and storage costs. After assembly, they are still stable and resilient due to the four self-adhesive surfaces, as they are made of 1200g/sqm cardboard. The magnetic boxes can be opened and closed at any time thanks to the magnetic closure.
By the way, you can also easily store the folding boxes in folded form under the counter in retail outlets!

For more information on the structure of the practical magnetic boxes and the formats, please visit our page specifically on magnetic boxes.

More about magnetic boxes!

Formats, unit prices and colours

Format 1: 140x145x60 mm - 1000pieces: 4,12€ *

Format 2: 230x230x110 mm - 1000pcs: 2,94€ *

Format 3: 325x105x100 mm - 1000pcs: 6,52€ *

Format 4: 345x250x100 mm - 1000pcs: 3,40€ *

Format 5: 420x330x100 mm - 1000pieces: 7,93€ *

All sizes of our magnetic boxes are available in the following colours: white kraft paper, black kraft paper, brown kraft paper, gold glossy, silver glossy, red glossy.

Printing & embossing on request!

Flat jewellery boxes for shipping in 5 sizes

11Especially for online jewellers and mail-order jewellery dealers, these flat jewellery boxes are currently the latest fashion. And not without reason! Because the design of the boxes has a decisive advantage. The height of the jewellery boxes optimized for shipping saves a lot of postage! Because the boxes are just 18mm high. This means that there is still enough space in the air cushion envelope to reach the decisive limit of 20 millimeters. In Germany the flat jewellery boxes can therefore be sent by letter post. In addition, packaging material and transport save resources. However, the appearance of the jewelry boxes does not suffer from it. In noble black they are waiting for your individual embossing!

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A small jewellery box that makes a big impact.

The flat jewellery boxes of our 0210 series offer a sophisticated construction and an appealing design. They are covered with a high-quality textured paper, which makes them look very classy. Another advantage is the stable construction, which optimally protects your jewellery when sending it by post.

Dimensions:  40x40x15 - outside 18 mm

Unit prices: 100 pieces: 0,78€ - 300 pieces: 0,76€ - 500 pieces: 0,72€ - 1000 pieces: 0,63€ *

Discover other formats of our practical flat jewellery boxes!

Shipping jewelry box flat 60x60x15/14 mm black

Dimensions: 60x60x15 - outside 18 mm

Unit prices:

from 100 pieces: 0,84€

from 300 pieces: 0,81€

from 500 pieces: 0,77€

from 1000 pieces: 0,68€*

Shipping jewelry box flat 80x80x15/14 mm black

Dimensions: 80x80x15 - outside 18 mm

Unit prices:

from 100 pieces: 1,11€

from 300 pieces: 1,08€

from 500 pieces: 1,02€

from 1000 pieces: 0,88€ *

Shipping jewelry box flat 120x90x15/14 mm black

Dimensions: 120x90x15 - outside 18 mm

Unit prices:

from 50 pieces: 1,96€

from 100 pieces: 1,69€

from 300 pieces: 1,65€

from 500 pieces: 1,57€

from 1000 pieces: 1,42€ *

Shipping jewelry box flat 216x154x15/14 mm black

Dimensions: 216x154x15 - outside 18 mm

Unit prices:

from 50 pieces: 3,23€

from 100 pieces: 2,98€

from 300 pieces: 2,89€

from 500 pieces: 2,76€

from 1000 pieces: 2,51€ *

Including punched velour-laminated insert in the bottom part and 2mm cover foam

From a quantity of 50 / 100 pieces!

Set-up costs: 45€ - Cliché costs: 30€ - Embossing per jewellery box: 0,10€

Minimum order value: 100€ - Minimum order value with embossing: 200€

You can find more information to flat jewellery boxes here!

More information about packaging for startups

Packaging is extremely important for startups in particular! They increase brand awareness enormously and make it possible to differentiate one's own products from competitors. Visual and tactile impressions of the packaging are often the first points of contact with customers. Who informs themselves about the product from competitor X if the packaging is not right?

Especially in the e-commerce sector, but also on the shelf, high-quality and particularly robust packaging is convincing. If the goods of the startups slip or clatter in the carton, this is not a sign of quality. Various inserts protect your goods from damage: Find out more here! More than 80 years of experience in the production of cardboard boxes confirm the quality of our packaging.

Individual packaging in larger quantities

In addition to our small quantities offered here, we passionately develop and produce individual boxes and packaging for your startup or e-commerce! From a quantity of 1,000 pieces, we manufacture these fully automatically in our carton production facility in Germany. From a size of 40 x 40 x 15 mm in the format of a small jewellery box up to a large shoe box, we practically produce packaging for the most different products of every branch. We will also find the right solution for you!

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Have you decided on your packaging? Then place an order!

You do not yet know exactly what you want and need individual advice? Our consultants will be happy to help you!

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Shipping logistics & packaging

Our expertise in the field of packaging and dispatch logistics is particularly interesting for start-ups! We take over the packaging of your products and the equipment of the packaging directly in line. We can also handle the logistics of your goods - right through to shipping to your end customers in the area of subscription commerce. Find out more under: Contract manufacturing.

Realized start-up project: Sturmkind DR!FT RACER

In larger quantities, LESER also realizes start-up projects according to very individual requirements. For example in the case of the Sturmkind DR!FT Racer®- not least known from the TV appearance at the German founder show "Das Ding des Jahres".

And these speedsters are far more than just toys! According to the developers, the DR!FT Racer® is "the first simulation of real driving physics on a scale of 1:43" and, in our opinion, has been awarded the Innovation Prize 2018 (German Developer Prize) not without good reason.

This is reason enough for us to give the remote-controlled cars a sporty appearance in the form of a noble packaging. And this should not be less impressive than the appearance of the cars themselves. In close cooperation, the packaging of the small cars was therefore designed in a noble carbon look with silver embossing of logo and claim. In addition to the cars, the product packaging also contains curbs in the appropriate size and was realized in authentic drift black with hot foil stamping of the lettering and the brand. The outer packaging is designed to match the digital printing of the various models.

And only recently the matching bridge to the DR!FTER was designed. RACE! Don't play.

Aroused interest? You can find out more directly at: https://www.sturmkind.com/en/


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