Noble drinks, finest wines - exquisite pleasure and the essence of a beautiful evening in convivial company. With our wine box you can package your wines, spirits & liqueurs elegantly and appealingly. Our high quality gift packaging and cardboard boxes will additionally enhance the value of your product.

Already the Celts & Romans knew about the pleasure of a good wine. This makes it all the more important to package it in a representative and attractive way. Our gift packaging for high-quality wines & spirits not only cuts a good figure in the local store, but also conveys your brand message through your individual packaging design. Therefore, adapt your packaging to your product and discover the variety of our possibilities in shapes, colors, surfaces and printing options. In order to offer you an attractive price-performance ratio, we produce your individual bottle packaging automatically from 2,000 pieces upwards.

So why not get inspired below and discover our packaging solutions for wines, spirits & liqueurs. With our high-quality boxes you will succeed in presenting even the finest wines in an appealing way.

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High quality wine packaging

Our high-quality wine boxes are already available from a quantity of 1,000 pieces. For young wine merchants as well as for established companies, this stable wine box offers an optimal packaging concept to present their brand or business appropriately and to market it successfully.

The high-quality box has a volume of 3.27 liters and can be customised with individual embossing according to your wishes. Unit prices, purchase quantities and all other information are available on request. Simply contact us! We will be happy to advise you!

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Individual product solutions

In addition to wine packaging in small quantities from our standard range, we also offer individual packaging for wine & spirits. From a quantity of 2,000 pieces, we manufacture completely according to your wishes and fully automated. Get an impression of our packaging possibilities and be inspired by projects we have already realized.

Box types

The most popular variant among wine packaging today is the liftoff box, which consists of a lower part and a separate lid. Basically, it consists of 2 parts of identical construction, which differ from each other only in their size.

In addition to the classic liftoff boxes, collar boxes are also popular in the wine sector. The special feature of this box variant can be found in the detail. In addition to the lid and a bottom part, there is a so-called collar, which can set a colorful accent.

More information about these and other types of packaging can be found here: box types.

Like all our packaging, our wine & spirits packaging is made with high quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. The body of our wine & spirits packaging options is usually made of sturdy corrugated or luxurious solid cardboard - whereby the materials have their own unique advantages due to their properties. Corrugated cardboard packaging is a little lighter in transport, but solid cardboard boxes are of higher quality and more versatile in design.


Design your wine packaging according to your wishes and your corporate design. The colours of our cardboard packaging for wine and spirits alone are virtually limitless. For example, in addition to our coating papers, we can also produce the body of the packaging from different, solid coloured cardboard boxes.

Especially black & white, but also natural colors are often in demand here. However, most of our cardboard packaging is then coated with noble coating papers, which are usually far superior to the raw cardboard of the body in terms of feel and appearance. In addition to an almost unlimited choice of colors, you can choose from a variety of structures and haptic experiences with our coating papers. The packaging can also be designed in the right style to match your wine. The palette here ranges from smooth papers to particularly rough materials to recycled papers.

The packaging for wine bottles can of course also be provided with your individual embossing. In addition to a classic gold or silver foil embossing, a wide range of colors is also available. You can find out more about our different embossing processes at finishing.

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High-grade processing

The wine box from high-quality materials and perfect processing.

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Individual embossing

Example of a hot foil stamping - shown here with the LESER lettering in silver foil.

Discover our gold foil embossed wine boxes!

Gold foil embossing

llustration of an embossing in the color gold.

Cliché costs: 25€ - Embossing per box: 0.25€

* Our products are exclusively aimed at commercial customers. The prices are quoted ex works.

Inlay options

To keep your wine & spirits in the right place in the packaging - and thus protect them from damage and ensure an attractive presentation - we at LESER offer you various packaging inserts.

Cardboard inlay

Especially for sustainable cardboard packaging, the die-cut cardboard inlay represents the most harmonious inlay for us. These are developed and machine-cut in our production facility in the south of Germany. It makes no difference whether one or more products are to find room in the packaging. Basically they are suitable for all our packaging and liftoff boxes.

  • Individual development for your products
  • Made of solid board or corrugated board
  • Available in various colours
  • Automated production
  • Several product levels possible

Packing paper

Another high-quality and popular inlay material for presenting products elegantly is packing paper. Crumpled and laid out accordingly, it adapts to the shape of the product and also offers protection against shocks during shipping. It is therefore ideally suited for various glass and individual products.


Especially for large-volume and heavy goods, the SizzlePak inlay material offers a replacement for classic inlays. Basically, this environmentally friendly material is recycled kraft paper cut into strips. Due to its shock-absorbing effect, it is ideally suited as a filling material for large cardboard boxes.

  • 100 % recyclable
  • Antistatic
  • Dust-free
  • not suitable for small products

Flocked thermoformed inlay

Thermoformed inlays are formed from thin foils with the aid of heat and, if desired, flocked with velvet. This type of inlay is very elegant in its feel and appearance and enables the wine or spirit to be held securely. Individual thermoformed interlinings in large print runs of around 2,000 or more are particularly interesting.

Sustainable gift packaging

What has long been standard for food products is now also emerging for the wine and spirits market. Regional products and organic wines are more in demand than ever. Values that you should definitely communicate when presenting your wines by means of a particularly sustainable gift packaging. In this way, you can emphatically express your sustainability efforts and at the same time make a lasting contribution to the protection of our environment.


Especially for packaging organic wines & spirits from sustainable cultivation our beautiful cardboard boxes are of course suitable. And since the FSC® certification of our company in October 2018, we are able to produce customized packaging in accordance with the FSC® guidelines. But what does that actually mean?

For the production of our wine packaging, the FSC® means a complete control of our wood chain - from the raw materials to the finished wine carton. You, on the other hand, have two advantages when purchasing FSC®-certified wine packaging: Firstly, you are aware of the origin and sustainability of the materials used. On the other hand, you can mark your packaging with the FSC® label and provide your customers with an indication of a consciously sustainable purchasing decision.

Many of our customers today place great value on the use of FSC®-certified packaging. We now also have a number of FSC®-certified packaging in our standard range in other areas. Our FSC® license number is: FSC® C144083.

Ask for our FSC® certified packaging! We will be happy to help you.

Made in Germany

By the way, we produce all our wine & spirit cartons at our site in Lahr in the Black Forest. But what does that mean?

Well, especially winegrowers and wine lovers attach great importance to regionality and conscious consumption. Also with pre-products and packaging, a lot of certainty about the materials and their processing can be achieved by purchasing from regional productions. But that's not all: Wine packaging Made in Germany also means short supply chains, lower CO2 balances and more flexible delivery times. Factors that, in addition to marketing aspects, simply have a pragmatic effect on your production and on the sustainability of your wines. In general, many producers today tend to purchase regional packaging. However, you can find out more here: Corona or: The increasing regionalization of the packaging industry?

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Questions about wine packaging

Where can I buy packaging for wine & spirits?

Of course at LESER GmbH Packaging & More. We develop and produce packaging for practically every conceivable bottle. Be it plastic, cardboard or alternative sustainable materials.

How to properly dispose wine gift packaging?

Our high-quality wine packaging is actually only very rarely disposed of after the gift is given. After the first use, they are often reused for the same purpose or used to store particularly high-quality wines.

What does a wine box weigh?

A typical full cardboard wine box for packaging a single wine bottle without packaging insert from our production weighs about 92 grams.

What is the size of wine boxes?

Our wine boxes, with which we usually pack wine bottles, have inner dimensions of 330x110x90 mm (WxDxH) and a lid height of 30 mm. This corresponds to a volume of 3.27 litres.

How many bottles fit in a wine box?

One bottle fits into our regular wine boxes. However, we also produce wine packaging that is suitable for packing 2 or 3 bottles. These larger packages are particularly suitable as packaging for wine collections or special gift sets.

How many wine boxes fit on a Euro pallet?

Particularly when shipping wine bottles or in the logistics departments of winegrowers' cooperatives, the question naturally arises as to how many wine cartons actually fit on a Euro pallet. With our standard wine carton with internal dimensions of 33cm x 11cm x 9cm (WxDxH) and a Euro pallet measuring 1200 x 800 x 145 mm (WxDxH), we calculate - adding the material thicknesses and tolerances that are not negligible - with 23 wine boxes per layer. Euro pallets are usually loaded up to a height of 2 metres including the pallet height itself, in some cases only up to a height of 1.80 metres. By deducting the pallet height itself, Euro pallets can therefore be loaded with 19 or 18 layers of wine cartons. Therefore, depending on the loading height, 437 or 414 wine boxes fit on one Euro pallet.

Sustainable Packaging

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