For thousands of years, painting has been a way of expression in the history of mankind to capture stories, events and emotions in images. In former times, this was found in cave painting - nowadays, for example, painted on canvas, sprayed as graffiti on a house wall or as cabbage drawing on paper. The materials range from aquarall, water or oil paints to the most varied brush types such as bristle, pinestripe, pastel or acrylic brushes, to name just a few examples. For the storage or as sales packaging of these individual painting accessories we are your contact for all your packaging needs.

In order to be able to offer you an attractive price/performance ratio, we will provide you with your individual automated packaging. This requires a minimum quantity of 2,000 - 5,000 pieces depending on the execution.

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Karolin-Judith Boehm, Consultant Packaging

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Give your packaging your own touch and stand out from the crowd with our versatile possibilities
individualisation. Whether you wish a slip lid carton or a POS - friendly
folding carton, you can decide which variant is best for you. Realize your
own packaging design. From digital printing to embossing - everything is possible
to give your packaging the individual touch.

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