LP-Box: The record packaging

How to pack & store records?

Have you ever been confronted with the problems that arise during the correct storage or transport of records? No matter what use you are looking for: We probably have the right solution. Our extremely robust and high-quality LP box in the dimensions 317x317x65 mm has turned out to be exactly this in recent years! Due to its versatility, it is now available from a quantity of 60 pieces!

As a rule, it is music producers, DJs or bands who turn to us for the right packaging for their records. However, the Rockstar among the packaging is also suitable for a number of other applications - you will find out more afterwards.


The correct storage of records

For most of us, records are far more than just emotionless sound carriers. They convey very specific feelings and memories - in addition, connoisseurs appreciate the cosy, analogue sound quality. Because when listening to records, the experience is also in the foreground to a certain extent.

And vinyl has been enjoying increasing popularity for some years now, as the sales figures of recent years show: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8493256/vinyl-album-sales-growth-2018-beatles-david-bowie-pink-floyd. In 2018 alone, sales were 14.6% up on the previous year. Sales of vinyl have been rising for 13 years in a row.

In order to ensure the special quality of the music and the longevity of the longplayers, no great care is actually required: But there are a few things to keep in mind!

Records like to stand

You read right! It is best to store records in a standing position to ensure their long life. However, the cult longplayers should not lean, because otherwise they can bend over time and the musical experience turns into a rather strange experience. The long players can also be stored lying down. Then, however, no more than about 25 pieces should be stored on top of each other. The weight can damage the grooves or deform them. As a retailer you can therefore show your expertise and supply the perfect solution for storing the vinyl at the same time:

Store records safely

In the LP-Box the records can be stored standing on the shelf as well as lying flat at the record player without being exposed to unwanted forces. In addition to gravitation, excessive exposure to light or moisture are poisons for the vinyl. The robust packaging protects the records from external damage and also protects them from dust! Scratches on a record are much more than an annoying optical flaw. Because the function of the records can suffer considerably! The protection against dust also avoids subsequent maintenance - brushing is no longer necessary and consequential damage is eliminated.

The record box protects against:

  • light
  • moisture
  • bending
  • scratches
  • dust

Packing records and merchandising items

The classic application of the LP box, however, lies in the packaging of records and band merchandising. Music producers, manufacturers and bands use it to pack their records in it and bring them onto the market or send them out. Due to the height of the box, about 12 to 15 records can be stored in the boxes, depending on the thickness of the covers. Therefore, the packaging is suitable for entire collections or, above all, for one thing: merchandising!

Because music labels like to use them to integrate other fan articles in addition to the records. Band shirts and band biographies are typically merchandising products that are often marketed together with the records. The fan bundles can also be shipped directly with the matching outer carton.

In combination with an unbeatable branding of the packaging in the form of digital printing or embossing, the ultimate merchandising package is created! You can find out more about our finishing processes here: Finishing / Imprinting

For bands and music producers, the complete packages turn out to be the ideal marketing solution to distribute real music on vinyl. Thanks to the band's individual cover artwork and the matching accessories, the boxes become a total work of art that leaves plenty of room for design. A way for bands to create a strong image effect with their merchandising - but pictures speak more than 1,000 words!

Buy the LP-Box - even in small quantities

Our LP-Box, which can now also be purchased in small quantities due to its wide range of applications, measures 317x317x65 mm (WxDxH); lid height 50 mm.

The black cardboard box has a volume of 6.53 litres and is particularly suitable for packaging records.

Unit prices: 60 pieces: 6,68€ - 120 pieces: 5,72€ - 300 pieces: 4,77€ - 600 pieces: 4,53€ - 1000 pieces: 4,17€ *

Set-up costs: 45€, cliché and embossing: on request.

* Our offer is aimed exclusively at commercial customers. The prices in our offer are subject to change ex works.

Order the LP-Box / request advice

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The construction of the LP-Box: robust & noble

As different as the genres of music are, as different are the demands on the packaging of the records. Because especially in music, things can get a bit rougher. And in order to meet the demands of the music world, the construction of the LP box was designed to be robust and elegant at the same time.

The body of the box was made of 2 mm thick black duplex cardboard to give the LP box the desired stability. For refinement, the box was covered with black linen paper, which, with a thickness of 0.18 millimetres, is extremely resistant and stylish at the same time. The detail photo shows the surface of the noble record packaging.

Alternative applications: What else is the record packaging suitable for?

In addition to its function as a storage place and marketing instrument, the LP box is also suitable for other applications. As an alternative, the box can also be used to store and package other products. Due to its size, the box can also be used as an elegant sales packaging for clothing and accessories in shops. For faithful vinyl DJs, it ensures the safe and practical transportability of the records. Individual inserts make the box the perfect product packaging for your articles. You can find more information about our inlay variants under: Inlay options.


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