Wedding ring cases and engagement ring cases play a considerable role in love. Today they are understood as the symbol of the concession of eternal solidarity across languages and cultures. Already the sight of the case signals to the beloved the imminent proposal of marriage. In addition to choosing the right ring, most lovers today also attach great importance to choosing the right ring case for the great moments. Jewellers thus have the opportunity to stand out from the competition with high-quality and individual cases for wedding rings and engagement rings and thus be prepared for the requirements of the coming wedding season.


The ring case for moving moments

Make the marriage proposal an unforgettable event! With the video box from LESER you now have the opportunity to play back your very personal memories directly at the very big moment. In this way you can convey individual messages in the form of films, pictures or music!

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LED ring case: the engagement ring in the right light

Before the wedding, engagement is considered the most important moment for many happy couples. In the moment of absolute togetherness, everything must be perfect. But the list of ingredients for the big day doesn't end at the ring. Also the cases for engagement rings require special attention. Whether classically noble or technically modern - no wishes remain unfulfilled for the perfect proposal.

Great importance is attached to the choice of an engagement ring. After all, the ring must meet the expectations of loved ones and be of emotional value. But also the presentation of the ring plays an important role in the special moment of the marriage proposal.

The ring case with LED lighting in particular has enjoyed increasing popularity recently. The modern alternative to the classic application ring case always offers the perfect appearance in the right light. Especially the moment of opening the case is a very emotional moment for the couple, which is underlined once more by the illumination of the ring. An elegant additional technical function that will certainly convince the groom when purchasing the engagement ring. Because the LED ring case is the special highlight for that special moment!

Did you know? Facts and figures about marriages

The Federal Statistical Office of Germany has published an informative analysis of the figures for weddings in Germany in 2018. This provides a targeted overview of the distribution of all weddings of the year over the individual months. What can be seen from it?

In 2018, exactly 416,615 marriages took place - about 9,000 more than in the previous year. So far, same-sex marriages have not been included in the statistics. The number of marriages entered into increases with the warmer seasons. The most popular month for marriages in 2018 was August, which accounted for 15.6% of all marriages. But this high rate of marriages is not exclusively due to the weather. In addition to the warm days, a special date in particular was the trigger for many marriages: last year, 18.8.18 moved extraordinarily many couples to say yes. A trend that has been emerging for several years now.

And what does that mean for 2019?

These numbers are usually a popular date for marriages. And also in this year an increase of those is to be expected: Especially in September and explicitly to 19.9.2019 and to 9.9.2019 jewellers can again count on many marriages and prepare themselves accordingly for it. The sale of wedding rings and engagement rings has become an important business area for many jewelers today. Most couples and grooms regard the purchase of wedding rings and engagement rings as a special ritual. With the appropriate cases for engagement rings & wedding rings, jewellers can demonstrate their expertise and assist in an advisory capacity during this ritual. In addition to the summer months, December is also considered one of the romantic months for a successful marriage. You can see the corresponding figures at a glance from our graphic presentation!

Current figures on marriages in the summer months of 2019 can be found here: June & July.

Gallery wedding ring cases

Special occasions deserve special attention. From the proposal to the wedding: every single moment of these days will be remembered forever. Make these moments unforgettable! With wedding ring cases and proposal ring cases that make couples' eyes shine even more. Because they emphasize the special symbolic power of the special rings even more clearly and are an important part of the wedding ceremony! From a minimum quantity of 2,000 pieces, we also manufacture individual cases automatically. However, you can purchase smaller quantities at any time from our stock or via our online shop. Below you will find examples of our cases for wedding rings and proposal rings. Click on the pictures to get more information!

Individual advice

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Trays and displays for wedding rings and engagement rings

Displays enable the jeweller to present the engagement rings and wedding rings. Depending on the design, they can be used for an exhibition in the shop window or as a presentation tray in conversation with the groom or the couple. Trays and displays for wedding rings and proposal rings give the couple an initial overview of the rings. In our gallery you can discover the different versions.

LESER – our cases for application rings and wedding rings

As a multinational manufacturer and service provider, LESER is one of the leading companies in the field of jewellery packaging. We have decades of experience in the production of particularly elegant cases for application rings and wedding rings. We are therefore passionate about producing individual cases for special moments!

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